AntiCurse 1.0

Stop All the Cursing With The Best AntiCursing Plugin Ever!

  1. ExDeveloping
    ItsEdoo AKA ExDeveloping
    Picture From Dev.Bukkit.Org

    Make sure your server has no nasty words REMEMBER there is little kids playing minecraft!

    I will be soon adding one for BungeeCord for all those huge networks.

    # AntiCurse+ Made By ItsEdoo/ ExDeveloping
    # Version 1.0

    #Add The Curses Here
    - Fuck
    - Bitch
    - Ass
    - Asshole
    - Sex
    - Gay
    - Faggot

    Message After Saying A Curse:
    upload_2015-3-22_12-27-48.png upload_2015-3-22_12-28-2.png

    Please leave a comment on what the next update should be.
    Also if you liked the plugin and think i did a good job donate!
    Paypal: [email protected]
    Thank You So Much Guys!

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  1. NightLeaf
    Version: 1.0
    Very good!
    i love Anti Curse plugin!
    Please do your best!
    I want you to be able to do it regardless of lowercase letters capital letters