AntiDurability 1.01

Disables items from losing their durability!

  1. Poopsicle
    Disable any item from losing durability! This is all done in the configuration file.

    NOTE: Unless the tick rate drops, it WILL NOT show the durability bar!

    Code (Text):
    #<true> if bow durability is enabled
    #<false> if the bow degrades / get damaged like vanilla minecraft
    bow_durability_enable: true

    #Armour that doesn't lose durability!
    #!-Note-! Put the MATERIAL name, not the item name!
      #- chain boots
      #-gold boots
      - Diamond Boots

    #Weapons that don't lose durability!
      #-Wood Sword
      - Stone sword

    #Tools that don't lose durability!
      #-Wood pickaxe
    This is a quick plugin to disable durability for some server's. Nothing more, nothing less!
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