AntiFactionCrash 1.2

Block faction crash descriptions for [TR] clients !

  1. Krumb069

    * This plugin is for [TR] clients. Issue fixed on 1.8.7

    What does this plugin ?
    Players can crash TR clients with changing their faction description. When player see the description, their client will crash. This plugin cancels description change when a player tries to do this.

    * This plugin is compatible with Bukkit and Bungee, between 1.7 - 1.8.6
    Works with 1.8.7 too but you don't need this plugin for 1.8.7

    This is the crash code that you can crash your players with "/f desc or writing this in ally chat (chat plugins cannot block this.)"
    Code (Text):


    *Download the plugin then drag plugin to plugins folder .
    *Install Factions and MassiveCore (If you want to use this plugin you already have them.)
    *Restart your server

    Add punishment command to config

Recent Updates

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  3. Fix for more crash codes

Recent Reviews

  1. UnioDex
    Version: 1.1
    Good. But Turkish Servers using Factions version usually. So this plugin needs Factions 2.0+ and it is useless.
    1. Krumb069
      Author's Response
      This is not only for Turkish servers global server have Turkish player too.
      I will try to add support