AntInventory v2

This pluign locks your inventory from pickuping and dropping items.

  1. AntInventory

    This plugin locks the player inventory.
    There are no commands for this plugin.

    AntInventory.drop - allow to drop items from your inventory (works when you are op).
    AntInventory.pickup - allow to pickup items / arrows to your inventory (works when you are op).

    "To do" list:
    + Add arrow pickup lock.
    + Add shoot arrow lock.
    + Add item move in inventory lock.
    - Commands for each lock.
    - Add items in inventory everytime you join the game.
    - Add reload command for the config (items in inventory).
    - Add permission to invsee other inventory.

    "Have done" list:
    + Add arrow pickup lock (same permission as item pickup).
    + Add shoot arrow lock (dont works when in creative).
    + Add item move in inventory lock (same permission as item drop).

    I want to hear your ideas for future plugins.
    Just write them with a review.
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