AntiPortalTrapping 1.0

Stops Nether Portal Trapping!

  1. KillaMCYT
    This is a update version for 1.8 and a plugin I will be working on to make better as there isn't many out there!

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    Anti Portal Trap

    Anti Portal Trap is a plugin that aims to stop players from portal trapping other players on servers where it could be a major problem, such as survival-based servers. The general issue with portal trapping is that whoever gets trapped is stuck there until either they are killed, or someone lets them out. Players stuck in portal blocks are completely helpless, as they cannot do commands such as /spawn. With this plugin, players that would normally end up portal trapped will be pleasantly surprised as the portal blocks vanish, allowing for them to use such commands.


    Portal disables if it detects that player is portal trapped

    Portal reactivates when player walks (or teleports) away

    Includes config file that allows you to assign blocks that will not disable the portal if placed outside entrance

    Contains non-solid blocks by default

    Warning: Enabling some blocks (such as carpet) in the top allowed block will make the portal inescapable.

    • This plugin requires no special setup steps other than to place the AntiPortalTrapping.jar in your plugins folder. It will activate upon server restart or reload.​

    Commands and Permissions
    This plugin currently has no commands or permissions

    Be sure to come checkout my server!

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