AntiRedstoneClock | WorldGuard + PlotSquard support | [1.8-1.16] 1.4.1

Prevent RedstoneClock to limit lags on your server

  1. Amosar
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.12
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    Français, and all others with custom config file
    antiRedstoneClock is a plugin to disallow redstoneclock in your minecraft server.
    This is my first public plugin , i need you suggestion to improve it.
    If you need support for an older version please tell me you version of spigot, WorldEdit and WorldGuard

    -Check the redstone to disable redstoneClock
    -You can customise the texte of the sign
    -allow and disallow the notification to admin
    -Custom Message
    -MultiWorld Support
    -WorldGuard Support
    -Select if clock drop the redstone item or not
    -support redstone, comparator, observer and repeater clock

    -WorldGuard (optionnal) - per zone support
    -PlotSquared (optionnal) - per plot support

    -/arc reload - to reload the config file
    -/arc checkList <page> - display the active redstoneclock
    -/arc setMaxPulses<value> - change the "MaxPulses" setting
    -/arc setDelay <value> - change the "Delay" setting
    -/arc notifyAdmin <boolean> - change the "notifyAdmin" setting

    To disable the plugin in a plot or a WorldGuard region use:
    PlotSquard: /plot flag set anti-redstone-clock false
    WorldGuard: /rg flag <region> anti-redstone-clock deny

    - antiRedstoneClock.Admin -> allow the access of all commands
    - antiRedstoneClock.notifyAdmin -> permission to received the antiRedstoneClock warning

    Clock support in all version:
    PistonClock2.gif PistonClock.gif
    RedstoneDiodeClock.gif redstoneWireClock.gif

    Clock support in 1.13 and newer:
    ObserverClock.gif RedstoneComparatorClock.gif

    CheckList legend :
    small clock
    Limit clock

    Code (Text):

    #En:Don't touch this value
    #Fr: Ne pas modifier cette valeur
    version: 0.5
    #En:Maximal number Redstone blink authorized during the "Delay" period
    #Fr:Nombre maximal de clignotement de redstone autorise pendant la periode "Delay"
    MaxPulses: 150
    #En: Time (in second) before the reset of the variable "MaxImpulsion"
    #Fr:Temp (en secondes) avant de reset la premiere variable
    Delay: 300
    #En:You need it prevent an admin?
    #Fr:Faut t'il prevenir un admin?
    NotifyAdmins: true
    #En:Is it necessary to dropper items ( Redstone / repeater) when a loop is destroyed?
    #Fr:Faut-il dropper les items (Redstone/repeater) quand une boucle est détruite?
    DropItems: true
    #En:Write the text you want in the sign
    #Fr:Ecrire le texte a mettre sur les panneaux
      Line1: 'The RedstonClock'
      Line2: 'Are'
      Line3: '&4prohibited'
      Line4: ''

    #En:The list of worlds on which the plugin is disabled separate by "/", put a fake name if nothing
    #Fr: La list des mondes sur lequel le plugin est desactive separe par des "/", mettre un faut non si aucun
    IgnoreWorlds: redstoneWorld/survie

    #En:The list of Region on which the plugin is disabled separate by "/", put a fake name if nothing
    #Fr: La list des Regions sur lequel le plugin est desactive separe par des "/", mettre un faut non si aucun
    IgnoreRegion: redstone/admins

      comparator: true
      observer: true
      piston: true
      redstoneAndRepeater: true

    AutomaticallyBreakDetectedClock: true
    SummonLigthningAtRedstoneLocation: true

    #En: Customize the teleport command (variable : $x, $y, $z, $world, $player)
    #Fr: Customise la commande de teleportation (variable : $x, $y, $z, $world, $player)
    teleportCMD: 'tp $x $y $z $world'

    #En: Put the plugin in "standby" if the TPS of the server are between min and max TPS value.
    #Fr: "Désactive" le plugin si les tps du serveurs sont entre les TPS du serveur sont entre la valeur min et max.
      minimumTPS: -1
      maximumTPS: -1
      intervalInSecond: 15

        prefix: '&bAntiRedstoneClock &9&l> &r&b '
        error: '&4AntiRedstoneClock &l> &r&c '
        no_permission: '&4ERROR &9&l> &r&bYou don''t have permission to do that!'
        command_use: '&4SnowBallWar &l> &r&cCommand usage: &6/arc $command'
        MsgToAdmin: 'Redstone clock disable in x:$X y:$Y Z:$Z. In the world $World'
        unknownCmd: 'Unknown command. Type "/help" for help.'
        reloadSuccess: 'Reload Success!'
        newValueInConfig: 'The new value of $setting is $value'
        RedStoneClockListHeader: 'RedstoneClockList: $page'
        RedStoneClockListFooter: ''
        duplicate_object: 'This list already contains this redstone'

    Add Observer and Comparator support for spigot 1.12.2
    Or use the 1.12.2 version of paper available her (build 1593 or newer) :

    How checkTPS work
    It will check 3 things
    • If minimumTPS is below 0 then it will check if the server TPS is below maximumTPS value
    • If maximumTPS is below 0 then it will check if the server TPS is greater above minimumTPS value
    • Or it will check if the server TPS is between minimumTPS and maximumTPS value.
    the interval is how often the plugin will check the server TPS to enable or disable himself.
    more informations :

    Futur update:
    As I no longer play minecraft and dont own money from this plugin I will only fix bug or add paying feature. Contact me in DM if you want new feature on this plugin.

    Serveur that use this plugin:
    Yours ?



    If you like my plugin :)


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    Please update for 1.17.
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    Version: 1.4.1
  4. asters94
    Version: 1.4.1
    Ok it works, but i had to change the config :)
    I changed my review, because this is a must have
    1. Amosar
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review :)
  5. FlameEnder
    Version: 1.4.1
    it should be slow down redstone clock to avoid lag machine, not break it, if the server need redstone clock. lag machine has many form not even need redstone
    1. Amosar
      Author's Response
      This is not the plugin purpose, if you want to slow down redstone maybe you can find other resources on spigot forum.
  6. MarkVR
    Version: 1.4.0
    1. Amosar
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review
  7. Thin_Troll
    1. Amosar
      Author's Response
      I can't see you screenshot or your link but I assume your minimum tps value is below or equals to 0
      I have done a BIG mistake and if the minimum tps is equals or below 0 the feature is disabled for no reason
      I'll fix that asap and you can make it work by setting minimum tps value to 1 as a temporary workaround
  8. remainingtoast
    Version: 1.4.0
    Does what it says well, but the server tps config feature isn't documented enough or doesn't work at all because my clocks are being disabled at 19 tps when max tps is 18 and min tps is -1
    1. Amosar
      Author's Response
      I have done a mistake with this feature. I'm sorry and I will fix that quickly
      I don't now what I was thinking to not see this before --'
      If the minimum tps is equal or below 0 the feature is disable... That explain your issue and I'm sorry about this..just set the value to 1 will temporary fix your issue
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    Version: 1.4.0
    What is the best configuration to avoid lag machine? I really need this, what values would be ideal? Nice Plugin
    1. Amosar
      Author's Response
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    absoltute awesome. a must have plugin an it works so fast. thanks for your work :)