AntiRelog v4.2.0

{ OFFICIAL } Combat logging protection plugin using BossBar countdown and Note sounds.

  1. remix2000
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Source Code:
    Vaflan, MiGoYAm
    Now with support for up to 1.15!

    As you can see, some scalawags unjustly spammed this with negative ratings. Give us 4 stars if it works for you or maybe even 5 stars if you love this!


    What does it do?
    AntiRelog - combat logging protection is a minimalistic plugin for punishing people who are leaving from combat (combat logging).

    How does it work?
    When you hit an enemy or an enemy hits you, we start a countdown.
    If one leaves before countdown ends, they are killed and all their items will drop. Combat loggers are then reported to admins by logging their names.

    How to configure it?

    Code (Text):

    # Boss bar display, without any dependency!
    enable-bar: true
    # How long should be the timeout?
    combat-len: 15
    # Should the safe log-out info be displayed? If not, type 0 here.
    vanish-timeout: 5
    # Busy - when in combat; Free - when not in combat; Variables: {timeleft} {username} {displayname}; Colors:
    busy-message: '&cDo not log out before&7: &r{timeout} secs.'
    free-message: '&aYou can now log out'
    busy-color: red
    # Bar colors and style:
    free-color: green
    bar-style: segmented_6
    # Override quit message
    broadcast-message: '&b[AntiRelog] &6Player &2{displayname} &6has left while in combat!'
    # Single user visible info. Replace with '' to disable this. You can use variables.
    busy-chat: '&c[AntiRelog] &fYou are now in &6combat&f! It time out in {timeleft} seconds.'
    free-chat: '&a[AntiRelog] &6Combat&f timed out!'
    # The mobs that you deal damage or mobs from your preference
    - Player
    - Zombie
    - Husk
    - Zombie_Villager
    What about permissions?
    Code (Text):

    antirelog.* - Apply all permissions, recommended for server operators
    antirelog.bypass - Bypass protection for admins, builders, etc...
    antirelog.toggle - Allows to toggle bypass on self.
    antirelog.toggle.others - Allows to toggle others bypass.
    And commands?
    Code (Text):

    /artoggle - Toggle bypass for yourself
    /artoggle [playername] - Toggle bypass for 'playername'.
    There is a problem with this plugin :(
    Create issue on GitHub, I will deal with this. Also, you can help me if you can. ;)

    If you found a bug or just want to share your suggestions / feature requests, create issue on GitHub or use discussion tab, so we can discuss and consider it. Try to avoid telling me about suggestions / problems in reviews.

    AntiRelog is not associated with r0306's plugin named Anti-Relog (with dash).

Recent Reviews

  1. Silverark290
    Version: v4.2.0
    why is there no command ban during pvp??????????????????????????????????????????
  2. Szygarn
    Version: v4.2.0
    nice plugin, could you add an action bar???????????????????????????????????????????????????
  3. Haugli92
    Version: v4.2.0
  4. foxi443
    Version: v4.2.0
    The plugin is very nice, but if I click on NPC I have errors in the console. Can I contact you somehow in this matter? I wrote on github but you didn't answer me.
  5. MadElectron
    Version: v4.2.0
    It's good, but no ability to change sound volume and pitch is bad :(
    Would love to have that
  6. Robert_PL
    Version: v4.2.0
    Works fine. Simple end effective. Bar and sounds are clearly visible. There is no way to ignore the warnings and leave during fight.
  7. ApplePie
    Version: 2.4.1
    I guess it works. Probably not the best name as it does not prevent Relogging but Combat Logging. Update the name and you already have one more star.
    1. remix2000
      Author's Response
      OK, but why you review this plugin if you *only guess* it works?
  8. NotWhiteyLol
    Version: 2.2
    Really good plugin for 1.9.x =) Works in 1.9.4.
    Needs a bit of tweaking with the BossBarAPI but overall It's worth downloading.
  9. TeamSensation
    Version: 1.0.1
    Good plugin. You could add a way for admin's to disable it for themselves by using a Arraylist or something. Maybe with a command or gui not sure. :P
    1. remix2000
      Author's Response
      Why not to use built-in permission system?
  10. TeamSensation
    Version: 1.0.0
    When decompiling the plugin I found tons of third party software that wasn't needed. They are only 3 plugin files and they use none of the third party software. I would not download this.
    1. remix2000
      Author's Response
      My bad. I accidentally added child dependencies. Now you can download fixed version :)