AntiSpam 1.0

Easily block message repetition (as well as similar message repetition)

  1. joehot200
    Me and a friend were having problems with spammers on our server. These spammers were bypassing most AntiSpam plugins on our servers by adding things like an extra ! at the end of their sentence.

    The plugin checks if the players last message contains their current message, & vice versa, so:
    If i typed "Fuk this server its shit" other alternatives that would be blocked would be,
    "Fuk this server", "Fuk this server its shit like hell".
    "Fuk dis" however would not be blocked, However as soon as he would say it it would become blocked.
    This means that things like client spam and "Upcursor + send" spam will no longer work, as the player has to constantly edit the message. Also note that if he makes a mistake he is then muted.

    This stores messages in a list and so will block multiple accounts saying that message. Good for things like spam bot attacks.
    Messages stay in the list for 20 seconds. After 20 seconds you can say the message again.

    If the plugin detects players spamming, it mutes them for 1 minute. (I quickly wrote this plugin so config is coming later)
    Muting the player uses the following command: "Mute @Player 1M".
    If you have essentials, look no further, but if not you will need a plugin with that sort of muting format.

    To prevent people being muted for short messages, this only affects messages over 7 characters. This also means messages like "Hi" wont be affected. (and if 1 person says hi others are likely to do so)
    7 Characters can spam a servers chat but rarely with anything meaningful.

    This currently does not support comments.

    As for setup, just plop the plugin in your bukkit plugins folder and you're ready to go :)

Recent Reviews

  1. AlphaxMC
    Version: 1.0
    I mean i am unsure why i even considered using a plugin last updated in 2013 because i should have known it would most likely be broken. I hope you will provide a possible revamp of this plugin cause i see it's potential!
  2. Dragonz102
    Version: 1.0
    It's good and all but it could do with a permission node for ops to not get muted, im testing stuff on my server and i keep getting muted.
  3. Devacharan
    Version: 1.0
    Really helpful to deal with all those spam