AntiSpam+ 1.1

You hate Spammers? Now the problem is solved!

  1. xIRamsey
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    s110103 (xIRamsey)

    Here is the one and only Antispam Plugin!

    It will add a cooldown for players to chat. In the next update, you can change the cooldown time! An nice and easy config.yml allows you to configure the Message. The default is an english Message. You can use as many colorcodes, as you want.

    - antispam: This is the default command. It shows you the functions.

    - antispam.bypass

    The main function is, that it allows players only to chat every x seconds.
    There is also a bypass function, which allows you to bypass the cooldown.

    (x: You can select the seconds in your config file)

    - configurable cooldown
    - bugfixes (only if you send me your bugs, please write me a pm)
    - more functions
    - default messages in diferent languages configurable in config.yml

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