AntiSpam 1.0.1

Very simple plugin that make player to refrain spamming

  1. tetratheta
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    • 1.16
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    You can change message as you wish
    This is not 'Search & Destroy Spam' plugin. It just 'notify' player by kick/tempban/banning him to stop spamming.

    Currently It does:
    • Player Join/Leave Spam Detection

    Why did you make this plugin then? It seems useless!
    I runs a small server and I really don't like spamming. This includes player's join/leave message. Some player misused invincibility when joined server to survive from lava. Of course these join/leave messages spammed server. Since my server is connected to Discord server, I wanted to stop players to spamming Discord channel. Also I don't think join invincibility is 'feature', it is 'glitch' thing especially if you used it to survive from lava. That's why.
    If someone else thinks similar way I think, this plugin might be helpful.

    What does it do then? How can I configure this plugin?
    Code (YAML):
     # minute: how many user can login in? [Second]
    : 60
      # limit: how many time user can login?
    : 3
      # punish-type: how do you want to punish those people?
      # kick, tempban, ban
    : tempban
      # tempban-time: how long do you want to tempban that person? [Seconds]
    : 120
      # message: what phrase do you want to send those kick/banned people?
    : 'You have been tempbanned for login spamming! Join after 2 minutes.'
    I think config file explains all, but I will explain more.

    This plugin is currently detects player join event. Let's say you set 'login-spam.limit' to 3 and 'login-spam.minute' to 60. If a player joins/leaves server more than 3 times within 60 seconds(Yes, I know, 'minute' is legacy of my previous code and I forgot to change it), he will be caught by plugin. If you choose 'tempban' for 'login-spam.punish-type', then he will be banned for 'login-spam.tempban-time' seconds and ban/kick message will be 'login-spam.message'.
    I hope you understand my poor explanation...

    If you have any suggestion or bug reports, please do it in GitHub repository Issue Tracker, not here. Since I don't login frequently, I wouldn't get your message often.