AntiSwear - Optimalized plugin for Chat 6.4

AntiSwear for your Chat

  1. Janko_007
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Languages Supported:
    EN, AB, ADY, AF, ASE, BR, CZ, DA, NL
    Hello! Thank you for checking out this Advanced AntiSwear plugin. This plugin prevents players from swearing in the chat, with a cool message or even a hologram! (Already blocked over a million swear words!) e379baa44c7108a607cbd2554d9ec7ee5555a67e.png
    + Custom Word List
    + Custom Swear Message
    + Take money from players when they swear. (Requires Vault)
    + Custom Message + Prefix
    + Permissions
    + Config Reload Command
    + Kick players when they swear for an amount of times
    + Show all the blocked words in-game.
    + You can use the variable %player% in the kick & warn message to show the player name.
    + You can hurt players when they swear!
    + You can mute the whole chat at once!
    + Built in chat clear module!
    + Moderator warning
    + Custom Sound Module (Sound list here)
    + Custom Built-In Actionbar
    + Custom Hologram Popup (Requires HoloGramAPI)
    + Console Command Support

    - /antiswear - Shows author information. (No Permission)

    - /as help - Shows commands & help. (No Permission)

    - /as reload - Reloads the config. (antiswear.reload)

    - /as message - Sets the swear message (antiswear.manage)

    - /as prefix - Sets the prefix (antiswear.manage)

    - /as kickmessage - Sets the message that will be displayed if kicking is enabled in the config. (antiswear.manage)

    - /as info - Shows all the recent info (antiswear.manage)

    - /as kick - Kicks a player from the server instantly (antiswear.manage)

    - /as add - Adds a word from in-game to the config. (antiswear.manage)

    - /as remove - Removes a word from the config. (antiswear.manage)

    - /as toggle - Mutes or unmutes the chat. (antiswear.toggle)

    - /as cc - Clears the chat for everyone. (

    - /as debug - Outputs useful information to console when reporting a bug. (antiswear.manage)

    - /as check - Check for updates (antiswear.manage)

    - /as count - Check how many times a player cursed.

    - antiswear.* - All permissions.
    - antiswear.mod - Receive a notification if someone swears.
    - antiswear.bypass - Bypass global mute & swear word check.

    Download addons here:
    HologramAPI: Click here
    Vault: Click here


    - Players can bypass filter by using colors (e.g. &6fuck) FIXED
    - Commands do not get filtered (like /msg, /me,..) FIXED
    - Actionbar gives errors in MC 1.12 FIXED

    Please report bugs in PM! Do not leave a bad review without contacting me first!


    Q: All the green text in my config is gone.
    A: That is caused by adding words or modifying the config from in-game. You can always watch the text above.

    Q: I edited my sound effect and now the plugin doesn't work anymore.
    A: You added an invalid sound effect. Get a full list here.

    Q: The plugin isn't working.
    A: Make sure you have the latest Spigot installed and you are running Java 8.

    Q: The plugin isn't still working and I have the latest version.
    A: Contact me via Spigot or GitHub.

    bStats page: Click here


    You can't filter everything.
    Please read this Wikipedia article: Scunthorpe Problem

    - This plugin uses bStats to collect data.
    What does bStats collect?
    • Your server's randomly generated UUID
    • - The amount of players on your server
    • - The online mode of your server
    • - The bukkit version of your server
    • - The java version of your system (e.g. Java 8)
    • - The name of your OS (e.g. Windows)
    • - The version of your OS
    • - The architecture of your OS (e.g. amd64)
    • - The system cores of your OS (e.g. 8)
    • - bStats-supported plugins
    • - Plugin version of bStats-supported plugins
    • - Amount of swears on your server
    - You can disable bStats in the bStats config. (/plugins/bStats/config.yml)


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