AntiSwear Pro 1.3 [New API]

Don't write hundreds of synonyms or complex regexps, when you can write just words [EN PL CZ SK inc]

  1. wordnice
    Don't write hundreds of synonyms or complex regexps, when you can write just words.

    Under MIT license, opensource.

    Default config for Bukkit server contains English, Polish, Czech and Slovak swears. Just download & enjoy.

    BetterAntiSwear got inteligent filters to detect swears even if they do not match exactly. That means, you don't have to write hunders of synonyms or write complex regexes to avoid swears in your chat - you just tell plugin blacklisted words, few additional whitelisted (like badass) and start your server.

    BetterAntiSwear was originally made as Bukkit plugin, but is fully compatible with plain Java, and removing Bukkit support is really easy - remove and unimport ChatColor and ConfigurationSection from

    For example, if you got config with blacklisted duck and noob (as d*ck and n**b), and whitelisted ducks, BetterAntiSwear will do the following:

    Code (Text):

    duck. -> d*ck.
    !D.u.C.K! -> !d*ck!
    DUUUUCK -> d*ck
    DuCKs! -> DuCKs!
    DuCkS -> DuCkS
    Duucks -> d*cks

    noob -> n**b
    nôb?? -> n**b??
    n0b! -> n**b!
    Ň.ôB -> n**b

    • BetterAntiSwear.Swear - If player has this permission, or AllowOPSwear from config is allowed and player is operator, his messages are not scaned
    • BetterAntiSwear.Test - Test message with /bas test <message> command
    • Permission BetterAntiSwear.Test or OP
    • Aliases betterantiswear, antiswear, as
    • Subcommands
      • test - scan entered message
      • /bas test <message>
    Code (Java):

        AntiSwear as = AntiSwear.getLast();
         //If antiswear instance was found, use it
         //Oterwise create new
         if(as == null) {
           as = AntiSwear.getNew();
           //Add blacklisted words
           as.addBlacklist("idiot", "idi*t");
           as.addBlacklist("noob", "n**b");
           //Add blacklisted words from map
           Map<String,String> bl = new HashMap<String,String>();
           bl.put("duck", "d**k");
           bl.put("ass", "as*");
           //Add whitelisted words
           //Space will match punctation, any space and start/end of text
           //  see AntiSwear.WHITELIST_SPACE_EQUALS
           as.addWhitelist(" ducks ", " badass ");
         //string to check
         String message = "My little pony, badass duck need ducks! A$shole, Nub, n00bs!";
         //process string
         System.out.print("Processing string: ");
         String nevMessage = as.processString(message);
         if(nevMessage == null) {
           //If processString returned null, given message does not
           //contains swears!
           System.out.println("Not swears were found!");
         } else {
           //Otherwise swears were found and removed
           System.out.println("Swears were found! New message is:");
           //If using our settings, swears will be found
           //and we will get new message:
           //My little pony, badass d**k need ducks! as*hole, n**b, n**bs!

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