AntiSwear 1.0

Replaces swear words of your choice with something else of your choice

  1. enesmelda
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Just a small plugin which filters bad words and replaces them with something else.

    How to use the plugin/config:
    You have to add your own bad words. On default, there are only 3 words set in the config, so that you can see how to add more.
    Do not delete the "fillerdontdelete"!
    You can just add your words before the "fillerdontdelete" and seperate each word with a coma.
    Let's say, you want fugg as a swear word. And you also want fugging as a swear word. The order of placement in the config matters!
    So you would go:
    fugging,fugg,... and NOT fugg,fugging,... !
    If you do the seconds version, whenever someone types fugging, it will look like this: [censored]ing instead of [censored].
    Also, you can change the [censored] to whatever you want in the config.

    If there are any questions, just pm me.