AntiSwear 1.0.0

Prevents swearing in chat

  1. Lautje
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Prevents swearing in chat. Fully customizable.

    Expand to view the config.yml file.

    Code (Text):
    #Variables (without #)
    # %player_name%
    # %word%
    # DOES NOT SUPPORT PLACEHOLDERAPI (for now, maybe in the future)

    #Use '&' + color code for colors

    #String to replace blocked words with
    replace-with: '****'

    #Words, which will be filtered out
    #PS: You need to add A LOT MORE, these are just examples, of how to do it.
      - 'ABC'
      - '123'

    #Message to send to a player, who has cursed.
    msg-to-send: '&4Please don`t swear in chat. Staff have been notified.'

    #Message sent to ALL players with the "noswear.admin" permission.
    msg-to-staff: '&4%player_name% has cursed in chat.'

    #Message sent to the console
    msg-to-console: '&4%player_name% has cursed in chat.'

    This is the default message (customizable) sent to the player, when they curse.


    This is the default message (customizable) sent to an admin (antiswear.admin) and the console when someone curses.