AntiSwear 1.5

A very simple AntiSwear plugin

  1. xMihai01

    This is a very simple AntiSwear plugin made by me. ( My 2nd plugin )
    This plugin has an easy config.


    Code (Text):
    # You need to put a new "- <word>" to block a word
    # To change the color I recommend you to recreate the message/prefix
    # When you recreate the message/prefix please use "<message>" ("" is needed!)
    # Example | block-message: "\xa7aPlease be \xa7erespectful!"
    # \xa7 = & | a = green | &a | easy right?
    # The /xa7 bug will be solved soon!
    # Do not put a space to prefix
    prefix: "§7[§bAntiSwear§7]"
    block-message: "§cPlease be respectful!"
    reload-message: "§aYou reloaded the config.yml!"
    no-perm-message: "§cYou don't have permission to use this command!"
    globalmute-enable-message: "§bGlobal mute enabled by"
    globalmute-disable-message: "§bGlobal mute disabled by"
    globalmute-block-message: "§cYou can't speak when the globalmute is enabled!"
    globalmute-color-name: "§c"
    - yourmessagehere

    Commands and permissions

    /antiswear | No permission
    /antiswear update | No permission
    /antiswear version | No permission
    /antiswear reload | antiswear.reload
    /antiswear add | antiswear.add
    /antiswear delete | antiswear.delete
    /antiswear prefix | (This command is coming soon!)
    /antiswear globalmute | antiswear.globalmute | antiswear.globalmute.speak to speak when the globalmute is enabled!


    Almost all messages are configurable!
    You can add/delete words in-game!
    You can mute/unmute all players if the chat is spammed



    2015-09-10_14.13.09.png 2015-09-10_14.12.46.png 2015-09-10_14.13.19.png 2015-09-10_14.13.36.png 2015-09-10_14.14.34.png

    Found a bug? Contact me via PM and i'll solve it :)!

    Thanks for reading!

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Recent Reviews

  1. DomMinesDiamonds
    Version: 1.5
    Good plugin,
    but this plugin is the same as the other AntiSwear plugin you just edited the source code(what I mean is the msgs) and claimed it as your own :/
    1. xMihai01
      Author's Response
      I didn't steal any source codes lol
  2. KurtMacRO
    Version: 1.5
    This is a very good plugin I LOVE IT! :D Now, nobody can swear on my server! I recomand this plugin very good!
    1. xMihai01