AntiSwearPlus R1.0

A simple way to block words!

  1. Sizableshrimp0
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    === **What is AntiSwearPlus?** ===
    AntiSwearPlus is a way to stop people from using bad language on your server!

    === **Features** ===
    * A config to add blocked words.
    * Blocks words in the config and appears as ****.
    * Works on **EVERY** version on bukkit

    === **Possible future updates** ===
    * Optional config option to have a kick or ban punishment if doing a blocked word too many times.
    * Unlimited blocked words in config.
    * Permission to bypass blocked words.
    * Add and remove words in game.

    === **Commands** ===
    /AntiSwearPlus: Displays information about the plugin.

    === **Permissions** ===
    AntiSwearPlus.AntiSwearPlus: Gives /AntiSwearPlus perm.

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  1. Raymart
    Version: R1.0
    Wondering if you can use getStringList instead getString :'