AntiTNT Grief 1.1

Disable the ability to place TNT

  1. Cmonster_11
    AntiTNT v1.1

    What is this plugin?
    This plugin disables players ability to be able to place TNT.
    When i say disables the ability to place the TNT, it allows people to place it but unless they have
    the permission node (as listed below) the block will be turned into air.
    Upon a player without the permission node placing the TNT they "Type a message"
    in chat saying they tried to place TNT.


    AntiTNT.Bypass (default: OP)
    Allows players with the node to place TNT

    Known Bugs
    Found any bugs? Please make a ticket and i will try to fix it!

    Next updates
    - Add Auto-Update
    - Add Custom Messages

    Any ideas? Make a ticket :)!

    - Added Permission Node.

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