AntiWither - Prevent building Withers! 1.5

Disable the ability to spawn withers

  1. JHarris12345
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
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    AntiWither Description
    This is a fully working and customizable plugin that prevents players from being able to spawn in withers by building them. There are even world blacklists too if you don't want to disable wither building in every world!

    Note: It does NOT prevent withers from being spawned in by other means (like commands).

    Code (Text):
    # If true, wither spawning will be disabled
    DisableWithers: true

    # If this is false then withers will be disabled for everyone (as long as DisableWithers is true).
    # If this is true AND DisableWithers is true, then people with the permission antiwither.bypass will still be able to spawn withers
    AllowBypass: false

    # If a world is in this list, players will be able to spawn withers even with DisableWithers set to true
      - world1
      - world2
      - world3

    # The message you would like to give someone for trying to spawn a wither. Set to '' to disable the message.
    Spawn-Attempt-Message: '&cSpawning withers is disabled!'


    antiwither.bypass - Allows people to still build withers
    antiwither.reload - Allows people to reload the config.yml

    /awr - Reloads the confg.yml

Recent Reviews

  1. RealFlamin
    Version: 1.16.5
    10/10 plugin, definitely worth the hype ;) Loved it a lot and trying to waffle for the minimum character limit
  2. KlayaR
    Version: 1.16.5
    Awesome plugin. I had to pay someone to make one of those and it was so bad. Good work