AntiXray - Warn staff of possible xrayers AND troll them! 1.8

Warn staff if players seem to be using xray

  1. JHarris12345
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    • 1.16
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    This plugin alerts staff if players seem to be using xray. It checks how many specific blocks have been mined over a configurable time and if it passes the threshold (set in config), it will flag them up as maybe using xray! You can also optionally troll players who you wish to troll by turning their ore drops to random drops!

    It is a very simple, lightweight and configurable plugin with ability to change:
    - Which blocks are checked for xray
    - The time in which a player should be checked
    - The threshold of blocks mined over that time
    - A TROLL feature
    - And MORE!

    Check out the config
    Code (Text):
    # With debugging true, there will be a lot of console spam and chat spam to everyone with the permission "antixray.debug". I recommend keeping this false.
    Debug: false

    # This is the MAX time in ticks (1s = 20 ticks) where if the player mines the Threshold amount of ores (defined below) inside this time,
    # they will be flagged up as maybe using xray. If they do not mine the threshold number of ores in this time, they won't be flagged.
    Scanning-Time: 1200 #1200 ticks = 60 seconds

    # If this amount of ores is broken in the Scanning-Time set above, they will be flagged as maybe using xray. With the default values,
    # it is basically saying "if a player mines 6 of the ores defined below in under 60 seconds, flag them as maybe using xray".
    Threshold: 6

    # These blocks are what the plugin looks for when checking if someone could be using xray.

    # Worlds in this list will not flag anyone for possible xray
      - world1
      - world2
      - world3

    # If this is false, players in creative mode will not get flagged for possible xray. It is recommended to keep this false
    CheckCreative: false

    # Set the alert message that is sent to all players with the "xray.alerts" permission. You can use the following placeholders:
    #   %player% - Returns the player suspected of xraying
    #   %world% - Returns the name of the world the player is possibly xraying in
    #   %xcord% - Returns the X-cord of the location the player is possibly xraying
    #   %ycord% - Returns the Y-cord of the location the player is possibly xraying
    #   %zcord% - Returns the Z-cord of the location the player is possibly xraying
    AlertMessage: "&c%player% might be using xray at %world%: %xcord%, %ycord%, %zcord%"

    # This is a fun feature to troll xrayers. If you you have this enabled then you are able to do /axtroll add [player].
    # If a player is added to the troll list, then whenever they mine a block from the "Ores:" section above, it will drop
    # what you set the "Drop:" item to below instead of the usual drops. To stop trolling them, simply use /axtroll remove [player].
    # If "RemoveOnLogout" is set to true, then when a player logs out, it will automatically remove them from the troll list so
    # you don't have to. When they rejoin they will not be getting trolled anymore.
      Enabled: false
      Drop: COAL
      RemoveOnLogout: true

    antixray.alerts - Get an alert if a player might be using xray + Toggle seeing alerts
    antixray.debug - See debug messages if debug is enabled
    antixray.reload - Reload the config.yml
    antixray.bypass - Prevent this user from flagging up
    antixray.troll - Allow people to add / remove players from the troll list

    /axreload - Reload the config.yml
    /axalerts - Toggle seeing xray alerts
    /axtroll add [player] - Add a player to the troll list so their ore drops are troll drops
    /axtroll remove [player] - Remove a player from the troll list

    Extra Info
    For a user to be able to use the "Click to telelport" feature, they must have the essentials.tpo permission node.

    If you like this plugin please give it a review!

Recent Updates

  1. 1.8 - Added click to TP
  2. 1.7 - Improvements
  3. 1.6 - New troll command

Recent Reviews

  1. benzimmer123
    Version: 1.8
    This plugin only checks how many ores a player is mining. The default amount is 6 so if a player found a vain of 8 diamonds, they instantly get flagged for XRay to staff members. You can change the threshold but there are much better XRay preventions and this method will not work on high volume player bases.
  2. Mupay
    Version: 1.8
    How would I configure it? I am trying to do the troll thing but it is off. help is appreciated
    1. JHarris12345
      Author's Response
      Go into your plugins folder and then find the anti xray folder. It is in there :D
  3. stone_sword
    Version: 1.8
    beatiful, good work. i'm testing this plugin in my server, the troll option is fun.
    1. JHarris12345
      Author's Response
      Thanks very much! If you need any support or want to request any features just let me know :)