AParkour [CubeCraft - 1.8] 2.9.9

This is a 99% identical to the original!

  1. Bug fixed

    Some bugs fixed only.

    Thanks to @SloPlays.
  2. Language system, new messages configuration and more! [2.9.9]

    - Now you can create language files, (English Default).
    - File statistics have been removed, now you can only run the plugin with a MySQL Database connected.
    - The messages configuration has been recoded, and more easy to translate.

    * You need to delete all files of the folder AParkour to create the new files and config *

    To create a new language file:

    - Enter in "lang" folder.
    - Duplicate the "messages_english" file.
    - Rename to the language you need to create, example:...
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  3. Restart Item

    Now if you have disabled the restart item, the inventory not clear.
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  4. Change MySQL of Parkour

    Now you can change the table of mysql to have more different parkours in the network.

    Coming Soon: Version 3.0 / 1.8 - 1.12
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  5. Plugin Recoded

    The code of plugin has been recoded, and solved some bugs.
    But Im working in the update to 1.8 - 1.12! In the next update
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  6. MySQL, and more changes [2.7]

    Here is the new update to version 2.7:

    - MySQL:
    Now the plugin create the table automatically, you dont need to insert the SQL file, as in the past update.

    - Hologram: Hologram command now is /aparkour hologram (create / remove).

    - Reset Command: The reset command (/aparkour reset), has been removed.

    - Stats command: The statistics command now show your last time and your best time.

    And minor bugs fixed!...
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  7. Fixed some bugs

    Fixed some bugs

    If you have already the SQL inserted, you dont need to insert now!
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  8. MySQL UPDATE! [2.6]

    Here is the MySQL Update! You can save all player's stadistics in a database.
    In the downloaded folder have the Plugin and the SQL, you need to import this in the database called "aparkour".

    You need this to get the MySQL Working:

    - Database called "aparkour":

    - SQL inserted in the dasabase "aparkour":

    - You get this table:...

    I'm working to integrate MySQL with the plugin.
    And release a Statistics web.

    Test Server: aparkour.ml
    Statistics web: http://aparkour.ml/

    Tutorial of the MySQL:
    - Edit the host, username, password in config.yml
    - In phpmyadmin create a database named "AParkour".
    - When database named "AParkour" are created, import this sql in the database: DOWNLOAD SQL

    Please send bugs to work...
  10. UUID [2.5]

    (+) Now the plugin works with UUID and all data in one file.

    (!) Fixed some bugs.

    Sorry but you need to delete all player data folder.

    Rate plugin if like it and send suggestions if you have.