[API] BungeeUpdater 1.0.1

Update checker for bungeecord resources

  1. inventivetalent
    Note: This API is outdated and not reliable. Please use SpigetUpdater instead.

    This is a simple API you can include in your projects to automatically check for resource updates.

    To use this system, simply include the BungeeUpdater class in your project and create a new instance
    (The .java and .class files are included in the download, or download it from the repository)

    Code (Java):
    new BungeeUpdater(this, 1337);

    this is the instance of your plugin.
    1337 is the spigot resource-id of your resource.

    Note: This depends on the
    org.json library, so you will have to include it in your plugin as well. (Also included in the download)

    That's it! A message will be printed to the console if an update was found, it also includes a link to your resource.

    Planned features

    • support for Standalone resources
    • automated update check for all installed plugins, based on the author name
      • ability to include the resource id in the plugin.yml file


    Code (XML):

    Different versions


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    Version: 1.0
    nice! as good as your spigot updater api :D