API-C: Nicknames, Skins, and More E

Contains a nickname + skin changer in game and more!

  1. MrCodeGuy
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    Source Code:
    Set nicknames for players with /nickname [player] <player>!
    Set skins for players with /skin [player] <skin>!
    Skins update in game without even leaving Minecraft!
    Save skins for further use with /skin save [skin holder] <skin name>
    Recall skins with /skin <skin name> (Case sensitive)
    Skins and nicknames save through relogging and reloading!
    Contains an API for inspired developers to use in their plugins!
    100 percent open source!
    Contains a multiblock API for developers to use!
    Fully UUID compatable!

    Developer Info
    Hello developers! Oh, you aren't a developer? Please skip this then. Here's how to use my plugin. The classes you should care about are CustomPlugin, CustomCommand, and the datastorage package. To start, instead of extending JavaPlugin, extend CustomPlugin for the messaging system via YourPlugin.sendMessage("message", player). CustomCommands are registered the same way as regular commands, just extend the CustomCommand class. The CustomCommand has a full subcommand API built in, just look at APICommand. The datastorage package is used for storing data. The PlayerData class stores per-player data with plugin specific configurations. The ObjectData stores based on strings. To make a map or list that's self saving, create ListStorage or MapStorage. ListStorage extends a list, and MapStorage extends a HashMap<String, K>, for storing based on Strings. Converters are used to convert strings to whatever you specify, as not all classes have a built in fromString method. If you want to look at MultiBlock API, check the DebugMultiblock class.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Acenox
    Version: Version D
    Hello, Very good work ^^ Can you make compatible your API for versions 1.8 / 1.9 / 1.10? Thank you very much :)
    1. MrCodeGuy
      Author's Response
      This doesn't rely on version specific code so it should be able to work on those versions, I just haven't tested it.