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Internationalization API for use with CraftBukkit / Spigot

  1. Update to Version 0.6.0-SNAPSHOT: Added support for translated display names of ItemStacks

    This new version allows you to translate the display names of ItemStacks so that each player will be presented with the localized name of an item when picking it up even after another player with another language has had it before. The usage is as simple as always:

    Code (Text):
    ItemStack stack = new ItemStack( Material.IRON_INGOT, 1 );
    ItemMeta meta = stack.getItemMeta();
    meta.setDisplayName( this.localizer.inject( "stack.ironingot" ) );
    stack.setItemMeta( meta );
    stack.ironingot=Iron Ingot

    There is one exception to this feature, though: Please make sure that an ItemStack that was previously given to a player who is playing in Creative mode will never leave the player's inventory again, be it by putting the item into any container or dropping it. The reason for this is, that Minecraft will re-create item stacks client-side if a player is in Creative mode and will thus overwrite an internal representation of the item stack with one that is already translated into a specific language. This can lead to unexpected behaviour, so make sure that players in Creative mode cannot get rid of translated items or simply avoid using this feature in Creative mode altogether.
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