[API] I18N - Translate your plugins easier than ever before! - v1.8 - v1.11 1.4.0

Internationalization API for use with CraftBukkit / Spigot

  1. Update to Version 1.4.0: Added support for Minecraft v1.12

    This latest release brings with it support for the latest version of Minecraft, version 1.12! Both the i18n-spigot and the i18n-bungeecord modules have been fully tested under the latest stable versions and are ready to be used in your Minecraft v1.12 projects!

    Furthermore a small fix has been made to the usage message displayed when performing the "/help language" command. It previously read "Syntax error!" but will now display the command's actual usage.
  2. Update to Version 1.3.1: Fixed error with ConstantLocaleResolver

    There was an error when using the CONSTANT locale resolver which would always return null as any player's locale. Bug is fixed and the CONSTANT locale resolver should work again just fine!
  3. Update to Version 1.3.0: Added support for Minecraft v1.8.3+ and Legacy Builds

    Taking up a request to add support for Minecraft versions 1.8.(x) here comes support for said versions under the following restrictions:
    1. For Minecraft versions v1.8.3 and above use I18N's regular builds which you can download from the project's GitHub releases page by following the download link of this resource.
    2. For Minecraft versions below v1.8.3 you must clone the project's source code repository yourself and compile it using maven as follows:
      Code (Text):
      mvn -Dlegacy-build=true...
  4. Update to Version 1.2.0: Multiversion support

    I18N does now support all Minecraft versions starting from v1.9. It will load the set of interceptors matching the version the server is running at runtime which means that the interceptors for all versions get readily compiled into the release's JAR file which you may download for all target platforms (BungeeCord and Spigot / CraftBukkit) on the project's GitHub releases page (see external download link). This allows me to make API additions more easily by not having to create separate...
  5. Update to Version 1.1.0: Compatibility with Minecraft version 1.11

    In accordance to the yesterday's release of Spigot for Minecraft v1.11 I have updated I18N to support v1.11 and its protocol as well. There were two packets used by I18N that had slight version differences in them which means you will have to download the appropriate version for your server (either 1.10 or 1.11). Since no other features have been added, the two versions found here on GitHub for v1.10 and v1.11 respectively are...
  6. Update to Version 1.0.0: First stable API release

    There's been a lot of change and even some API breaks with this update. Yet I do think that this update can make up for that as it finally decouples API from implementation and already puts this distinction to its best with the brand-new BungeeCord port. Also: after some weeks have passed and I was able to adjust the API to according to further suggestions the current API will become fixed and should stay the same for quite some time. Alongside this update I also wrote a bunch of guides on...
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  7. Update to Version 0.7.1-SNAPSHOT: Fixed chat formatting bug and enhanced TranslationStorage

    Fixed a bug related to the formatting of chat messages as pointed out in Issue #4 on GitHub and added a new method to TranslationStorage to allow for manually loading translations if the implementation allows to do so. Only for Minecraft versions 1.10 and later.
  8. Update to Version 0.7.0-SNAPSHOT: Compatibility with Minecraft 1.10.2

    Updated to Minecraft version 1.10.2. Due to changes in Minecraft's network protocol this version and all of its successors are only compatible with the 1.10[.2] protocol and no longer with the 1.9.x protocol. As there were no changes in I18N's feature set nor its API you may still use I18N on 1.9.x servers by installing version 0.6.0-SNAPSHOT. All plugins depending on I18N will currently work the same on both server versions as long as the correct version of I18N has been installed.
  9. Update to Version 0.6.0-SNAPSHOT: Added support for translated display names of ItemStacks

    This new version allows you to translate the display names of ItemStacks so that each player will be presented with the localized name of an item when picking it up even after another player with another language has had it before. The usage is as simple as always:

    Code (Text):
    ItemStack stack = new ItemStack( Material.IRON_INGOT, 1 );
    ItemMeta meta = stack.getItemMeta();
    meta.setDisplayName( this.localizer.inject( "stack.ironingot" ) );
    stack.setItemMeta( meta );
  10. Update to Version 0.5.1-SNAPSHOT: Fixed bug related UTF-8 characters

    Fixed a bug related to misinterpreted UTF-8 characters in native language names and default translations.
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