[API] PUUIDs v2.5

A fast, reliable, and open source offline UUID and storage management API.

  1. 1.18 Support and Maven

    This is a relatively minor update but we've moved to v2.5 for simplicity. We've updated to 1.18 and PUUIDs has migrated to a maven based repository to keep things straightforward for future updates! Thanks for using PUUIDs :)
  2. PUUIDs v2.4.1 - Add 1.16.X Support

    • Add full 1.16 and 1.16.1 support to PUUIDs. :)
  3. PUUIDs v2.4 - Switch to IDs for Tasks & Bug Fixes

    • All tasks will now have a Task ID that is associated with it.
    • Optimized API events by making ones called directly on the timer asynchronous.
    • Made addToAll methods automatically thread safe instead of blocking async.
    • Changed task timer from using for loops to using a while loop to prevent any possible...
  4. PUUIDs v2.3 - Bug Fixes

    • Added a ConnectionOpen and ConnectionClose API event to listen to. These are fired when PUUIDs shuts down / finishes starting up.
    • Fixed queued data not saving when a player quits.
    • Fixed a bug where database health may be great, but a warning/reason is displayed anyways.
  5. PUUIDs v2.2 - Optimizations

    • Using better methods to internally store user-data until it can be read to file.
    • Fixed a rare occurrence where player data could get out of sync with it's UUID can potentially corrupt files.
    • Any reset commands are now disabled by default, can can only be used when debug mode is specifically enabled.
    • Fixed using deprecated methods from previous updates internally.
    • Overall performance improvements and bug fixes.
  6. PUUIDs v2.1 - Optimizations

    • Added "Advanced" settings in the configuration to be able to change the rate and limits for setting data.
    • Fixed a possible error that could occur if a player file is deleted after joining.
    • Fixed some variable encapsulation.
    • Renamed /puuids debug to /puuids info...
  7. PUUIDs v2 - Rewrote saving; Saving is now Async!

    The Biggest Update Yet
    • All file saving and writing is now 100% async and all PUUIDs methods now support being used in async ways all while giving performance a massive boost.
    • Bumped APIVersion to V2. No methods were removed, however the ability to use Mojang to fetch UUIDs has now been...
  8. PUUIDs v1.4.5 - Update to 1.15 & API Updates

    • Changed reset all to require a unique confirmation key from the player instead of just running the command again.
    • Added 1.15 Support. (Supports 1.15 through 1.8)
    • Now requires APIVersion.V1 as a PUUIDs.connect parameter to ensure compatibility between versions.
    • Made all join events fully...
  9. PUUIDs v1.4.4 - Slight Fixes

    • Added 2 new setNull and setAllNull methods to allow developers to remove their plugin data from a specific player.
    • Fixed a bug where PUUIDs got all UUIDs under it's own instance instead of the plugin accessing it.
    • Fixed player on-time not being saved when the server shuts down.
  10. PUUIDs v1.4.3 - Just some cleanup!

    • Fixed location saving being a bit unsteady.
    • Compiled with the latest 1.14.4 API to ensure freshness.