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    • 1.16
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    ApparatibusBungeeTools is a plugin for easier bungeecord server management.The plugin is in beta phase, we will keep developing it. What does the plugin have?

    The plugin doesn't have many options yet, but we will add them gradually.

    • Manage your server motd
    • Server-Icon
    • Fake-Players
    • Manage Slots
    • AntiBot - (blocked Direct Connection)
    • Rcon (The plugin uses a modified version of the BungeeRcon by BorlCand)
    • ItemShop-Offers (works with bukkit servers)

    What are we going to do next / TODO list?
    • Banning system
    • Muting system
    • The white / black list system
    • and many more
    Commands and permissions:
    • bungetools.command.adminitemshop,
      ,/bungeetools [reload] -
      Reload the configuration file.
    • bungetools.command.plugins,
      - Show Bungeecord plugins.
    • bungetools.command.version,
      /gversion [plugin or module name] -
      Show the plugin or module name and version.
    • bungetools.command.adminitemshop,
      /adminitemshop [nick] [offer-id] -
      Player buy offer.
    • bungetools.command.broadcast,
      /gbroadcast [(proxy), (server-name1), (server-name1,server-name2,server-name3)] [message] -
      Displays the given message on the server or servers.
    • bungetools.command.ggroup,
      ,/ggroup - Manage Bungee Groups
    How does the /adminitemshop command work? You add offers in the configuration file, then use the rcon console and use them :)

    The plugin uses channels that send the content to the bukkit server, so the plugin must be uploaded to the bungeecord server as well as to the bukkit or its other bukkit derivative.

    Do you have a problem with the plugin or found an error? Join our discord and describe your problem on the aps-bungee-tollls channel in the SUPPORT category
    Discord invite link:
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