AppleControl v1.0

AppleControl controls how much notch apples a player can have in their inventory

  1. Vauff

    AppleControl is a plugin for Bukkit and Spigot servers which allows you to control how many notch apples your players can have in their inventory at one time. Players can check and claim back confiscated apples at their own will. This plugin is designed with PVP in mind but can be used on any server that would like to control the use of notch apples. You can outright ban the use of notch apples by setting the maximum number to 0, keep with the default 5, or any other setup that you'd like to use. The apple claiming system is automatically disabled if it is set to 0 for obvious reasons.

    If you're using this plugin on a PVP server, i highly suggest blocking the /claimapples command in PVP regions with WorldGuard and/or block /claimapples with your PVP logging plugin.

    • Ensure that your players aren't bringing too many (or none) notch apples into combat
    • Fully configurable with changing the number allowed and even what you want to call the apple!
    • Players can claim back and check confiscated apples by using /checkapples and /claimapples
    • Fully updated for UUID support!

    Commands and Permissions

    Command - Function - Permission
    /checkapples - Tells you how many apples you can get by using /claimapples - applecontrol.checkapples (given by default)
    /claimapples - Gives you back your confiscated apples in specific intervals - applecontrol.claimapples (given by default)
    /acreload - Reloads the configuration file - applecontrol.reload
    No command - Allows you to override the apple check and never have apples taken away - applecontrol.skipapplecheck


    The default configuration file for the latest version of the plugin is here.

    AppleControl is on GitHub! You can browse the code, make pull requests and other things here!


    Just leave a comment below stating your version/error log and detailed description of what happened. I prefer to use comments over the ticket system.


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