ArcheMessages 1.0

A fully customizable messaging plugin

  1. VirtualReality
    ArcheMessage is a fully customizable messaging plugin, including the most important messaging features that a server needs!
    • /message (aliases: /msg, /w, /whisper, /tell, /pm)
    • /reply (aliases: /r)
    • /staffchat (aliases: /sc)
    • /broadcast (aliases: /bc)
    • /announce (aliases: an)
    • /actionbarmessage (aliases: abm)
    • /socialspy (aliases /ss)
    • /amreload
    /message (permission: AM.command.message)
    The /message command allows two players to directly communicate between eachother, without having the inconvenience of being disrupted by others.

    /reply (permission: AM.command.reply)
    The /reply command allows a player to reply to the user who he has recently sent a message to. This means that it let's you reply to who you have sent a message, not to the player who sent you a message.

    /staffchat (permission: AM.command.staffchat)
    The /staffchat command allows the sender to send a message to the online staff members.

    /broadcast (permission: AM.command.broadcast)
    The /broadcast command sends out a title (which' text can be edited in the config) with a subtitle to every online player on the server.

    /announce (permission: AM.command.announce)
    The /announce command sends out a chat message with a custom layout in the chatbox of players in the senders world.

    /actionbarmessage (permission: AM.command.actionbar)
    The /actionbarmessage command sends out a text message above the item names, visible for everyone on the server.

    /socialspy (permission: AM.command.socialspy)
    The /socialspy command allows the sender to enable or disable if they see the private messages between players. Note that this only works with the messaging function of this plugin (/message and /reply)!

    Prevent chat spam (permission: AM.listener.chatspambypass)
    No longer having to worry about chat spammers! Simply enable the Chat Spam Preventer in the config, set an interval (in ticks, 20 ticks = 1 second) and you're done.
    Players with the permission do not have to worry about the timer, they simply bypass it.

    /amreload (permission: AM.reload)
    Reloads the config
    /archemessage (no permission)
    Sends information about the plugin to the player. Can be disabled in the config if you wish so.

    Additional notes
    In the config you can edit every chat message. Instructions are given in there.

    If you find any bugs, please report them immediately! I have thoroughly tested the plugin, but it may happen that I missed something. Thanks in advance!

    Simply drag and drop ArcheMessages.jar in the plugins folder of your server. Restart (or reload) the server, and you can edit the messages in the config.yml.