AreaReloader | Reload your areas! | [1.13.x - 1.14.x - 1.15.x] 1.8.1

Easily restore destroyed areas

  1. AreaScheduler fix

    - Fixed issue with AreaScheduler not registering areas.
    - Fixed issue with AreaScheduler throwing errors.
    - Fixed issue with AreaScheduler not reloading areas at the right locations.
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  2. Improvements and fixes

    - Fixed issue with help message on /ar create command whenever the arguments provided weren't correct.
    - Redefined and improved ways of initializing AreaLoader and AreaScheduler classes.
    - Fixed issue with the area loading interval not being respected.
    - Added a different and configurable interval for AreaScheduler.
    - Added option to disable and enable the (still on developmenting) TPS checker; due to the fast and big amount of tasks and blocks changes happening at the same moment, the TPS...
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  3. AreaScheduler, reloading, tasks improvements and much more!

    - Added new TPS feature: AreaReloader now has its own method to calculate server's ticks per second.
    With this addition you will be able to set the required TPS to load an area; if the actual TPS are lower than the required TPS, the loading will be paused and then resumed until needed TPS are met.
    - Added new /ar tps <time> command to check the server's live TPS.
    <time> stands for how long the monitoring will be running in milliseconds (Ex. /ar tps 5000 - will run a TPS scan for five...
  4. More choices, improvements and fixes!

    Fixed issue where the protocol's version wouldn't display correctly
    Fixed issue where particles would still display after an area being displayed was deleted
    Fixed issue where you wouldn't be able to re-create an area with the same name as a deleted one without restarting/reloading your server (Thanks to
    STKzica for letting me notice and for the hotfix!)
    Fixed issues with percentages, now showing the proper percentage amount per block...
  5. 1.15 compatibility and minor fixes

    Added compatibility for MC version 1.15.x
    Fixed mispelling in code
    Improved /ar reload command to throw an exception when configurations are corrupted
    Added onReload() - onFail() methods for language configuration
    Reduced insane lag produced by /ar display <area> - added a longer delay between each task and cut down the Y level
    Improved /ar version command
  6. AreaReloader 1.4 - Improvements & new command

    Improved areas' scheduling
    Removed dev's debugging
    New display command
    Improved details for list and info commands
    Now printing real maxX and maxZ in areas.yml
    Fixed AreaReloader's tab not showing at all in console on server's start-up
  7. AreaScheduler and minor improvements

    * AreaScheduler: With this brand new function, you will be able to automatically reload areas after x amount of time which can be set for each existing area in the areas.yml config. In order to use this function the global checker must be true (set true by default) and the AutoReload function under "Areas" in the areas.yml configuration file must be enabled for each area that has to automatically restore.
    The amount of time is set in milliseconds.
    * Fixed mispelling issues
    * Improved /ar...
  8. 1.14 Compatibility

    Added compatibility with minecraft versions which go from 1.13 to 1.14.4
    Added sound effects on area reloading completition (on success and on failure)
    Added particles effects utils for future use
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  9. AreaReloader 1.1 - Bug fixes and updates

    Fixed issue where an area could only be loaded from the in-game player, now allowing console.
    Fixed error thrown when insufficent arguments were provided to /ar load <area>
    General code formatting.
    Added /ar info command.
    Added /ar reload command.
    Surrounded methods with more checks to avoid issues and potential damage to the server.
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