ArenaPlunger 0.1.1

A hold-the-item minigame mode originaly from Chaos Faction 2

  1. adambor
    How to play?

    At the beginning of the game plunger is spawned on the PlungerSpawnPoint which you specify by command /ap setPlunger <arena>. You must pick it up and every second you have the plunger your team gain 1 point. If plunger is on ground for 30 second (customizable) it will be teleported back to PlungerSpawnPoint. Team with more points or team which first reach points defined by command /ap setScoreToWin <score> wins.

    • Multiple arenas
    • Particles on player who's holding plunger
    • Nice custom scoreboard
    • Original minigame
    • Compass pointing to the plunger
    • Plunger item/particles customization
    • Plunger timer
    • Plunger is respawned when it's broken
    TO-DO list
    • If you want a new feauture use tickets/comments or PM me ;)
    • Put the ArenaBlutonium.jar in your plugins folder, along with BattleArena.jar.
    Creating an arena
    • 1. /ap create <arena name> : Example /ap create myFirstArena
    • 2. /ap alter <arena name> spawn 2 <- setup a second spawn, you can keep adding them if you want more than 2, like /ap alter <arena name> spawn <team number>. Example : /ap alter myFirstArena spawn 3
    • 3. /ap setPlunger <arena name> <- set plunger spawn location at the beginning of match where you are standing
    Game customization
    • /ap setMaterial <- Set the item you are holding in your hand as plunger (default torch)
    • /ap setEffect <particle_effect> <particle_count> : Example /ap setEffect NOTE 10 <- setup the NOTE with particle count 10 as plunger effect, list of possible particles effect can be found here (default NOTE with particle count 10)
    • /ap setTimer <time> : Example /ap setTimer 10 <- after plunger is dropped on ground in 10 seconds will be respawned (default 30)
    • /ap setScoreToWin <score> : Example /ap setScoreToWin 50 <- you must gain 50 points to win the match (default 100) (if you want only timed match you can set the score to big numbers)
    • arena.join.arenaplunger : Permission node to join.
    • arena.leave : Permission to leave the game.
    • /ap join : Command to join. Or you can click on a join sign
    • /ap leave : Command to leave. Or you can click on a leave sign
    If you found any bug or want new feature to be added leave a comment or use tickets.

    This plugin is made to hook into BattleArena, so you also need to download it as well

    Source is available at GitHub

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