Armor+ || Fairy, Yijiki, Phantom, Traveller, Yeti + More Custom Sets (HeadDatabase Support) 2.1.5

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  1. Special Attacks (Yijiki expansion update)

    Special Attacks:
    - There are currently 2 different special attacks, these can be added to the same armor sets as the attacks stack.

    Lightning Attack:
    - This will strike nearby enemies with lightning, the lightning strike will not damage the player wearing the armor
    - syntax in armor.yml: <attackType>:<if the radius is random>:<radius>:<proc chance>
    - example:
    Code (Text):
    Potion Attack:
    - this will give nearby enemies the desired potion effect, you can make this any type of effect
    - syntax in armor.yml: <attackType>:<potion effect given>:<level>:<duration in seconds>:<random radius enabled>:<radius>:<proc chance>
    - example:
    Code (Text):
    Now a message will be sent to the enemies when they are affected by a special attack
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