Armor+ || Fairy, Yijiki, Phantom, Traveller, Yeti + More Custom Sets (HeadDatabase Support) 2.1.5

Create your own, custom armor sets like CosmicPVP!

  1. New Passive & Damage Modifiers + Permission Based Wear

    There is no longer the: additional-damage, and reduced-damage options in the armor.yml for each set. This has been replaced by a list of modifiers that can be added to each set, example:
    Code (Text):

      # See the spigot page for all modifiers & syntax
        - +dmg:1.25
        - health:16
    There is now an option in the config.yml called: permission-based-wear. If this is set to true then the player will need to have the permission node: carmor.wear.<armor set number> in order to wear the full set of armor and get the effects

    I also fixed up the default armor.yml so that it is a bit more desciptive.
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