Armor+ || Fairy, Yijiki, Phantom, Traveller, Yeti + More Custom Sets (HeadDatabase Support) 2.1.10

Create your own, custom armor sets like CosmicPVP!

  1. Small fix for Color-Way and Fairy set data throwing nullpointerexception (forgot to remove debug)

    Small fix for Color-Way and Fairy set data throwing nullpointerexception (forgot to remove debug code that was spamming console)
  2. Small fix for Color-Way and Fairy set data throwing nullpointerexception

    Small fix for Color-Way and Fairy set data throwing nullpointerexception
  3. Added per piece equip / deequip commands, ATTACK potion set data attack type, colorway set, bStats.

    Per piece commands:
    - You can now have commands that are run when a player equips or removes a piece of armor.
    - If you want to use these add this to each piece in the set-pieces: config section:
    Code (Text):

                - example command {player}
                - example command {player}
    New set: Color Way
    - This is a set design for people who want to be able to make custom patterns for colored leather armor
    - To get the...
  4. Engineer Set, Default Placeholder & Block Heads!

    Engineer set:
    - Enigneer set is based off of the set on cosmic pvp, the set data is defined as such:
    Code (Text):

      type: engineer
      chance: 0.04
      random-radius: true
      radius: 5.3
      total-tnt: 5
      fuse-delay: 20
      drop-delay-ticks: 10
      height-above-player: 6.4
      damage-per-tnt: 0.4
        enabled: true
        type: 'GHAST_SCREAM'
        volume: 1
        pitch: 0
        enabled: true
          - '&6&l** &oFEEL THE EXPLOSIVE POWERS OF THE ENGINEER &6&l**'
  5. Placeholders! (+ a few small fixes)

    All placeholders are registered with PlaceholderAPI, this is a dependency you will need to install on your server if you'd like to use placeholders.

    - %armor+_current_name% | returns name of the set that the player is wearing, returns N/A if they aren't...
  6. A few fixes, multi version support and Fairy update.

    - Armor reduction damage works properly now, before the internal call wasnt mapped to the yml entry correctly.
    - You can no longer place heads that are part of an armor set if you have armor switch disabled
    - Armor sets are no longer loaded 10 seconds after the server has booted, this was causing errors with people joining and getting their active set. The reason this was done was for HDB support, now each piece gets loaded again when the give command is run.

  7. Added HeadDatabase Integration

    You may now use custom heads for armor sets using HeadDatabase!

    - The legacy method of setting the skull owner can still be used
    - To add a custom head set the item: to `hdb-<id>`
  8. Small fix

    Should hopefully fix the problem with versions after 1.8 using skull_item.
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  9. Feature update: Fairy Armor!

    Fairy Armor:
    - You can now create fairy or rainbow armor, this involves having leather armor that is constantly changing color, so it is like a rainbow effect. It looks cool in my opinion!

    How to make a fairy set:

    - To autogenerate the default fairy set simply added `fairy` to your loaded sets in armor+.yml

    Fairy set data:
    Really simply just add a new data entry with the type: fairy
    Code (Text):

    type: fairy
    Dying leather armor:
    You can now have leather armor...
  10. Bug fixes

    - Fixed bug where all heads would be put onto a players head when they right clicked. This will now only happen with Armor+ pieces. Don't like this feature? Simply disable armor-switch in armor+.yml

    - Fixed bug with default config about changing skull_item to legacy_skull_item, this will now be done automatically by the plugin

    - Fixed bug where when changing armor pieces (heads) using hotbar, the none head piece would be deleted.