Armor Stand Adjustor [1.18] 1.6

Powerful and intuitive armor stand editor

  1. Update to 1.18

    It's finally here, despite me saying I was not motivated to work on this project just yesterday. The native version is now 1.18 - versions older than this are not supported by newer versions.

    The new required Java version is Java 17! Older releases of java may not work (not tested) and are not supported.
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  2. Extra permission to break armor stands for copies

    This update introduces an extra permission node that allows players to receive copies of armorstands when they destroy them, but does not allow them to create infinite copies using the GUI.
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  3. Restrict Editing Distance

    Via the config it is now possible to restrict how far away the edited armor stand can be moved away from it's editor, the default value is set to 5 blocks.
  4. Fix death gui abuse

  5. Fix double click bug

    In version 1.5.1 a bug was introduced that prevented users from opening the properties menu by double clicking the armor stand. This is now fixed. Reported by @Andre_601
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  6. Fix duplication exploit

    Fixed an duplication exploit, as described by @kev2k2 in [this post] by disabling any interaction with any armorstands that are currently being edited.
  7. Attach commands to Armor Stands

    With this update, the possibility to add commands to armor stands has been added. This was suggested by @RodriGamer35.

    To attach a command to an armor stand, open it's properties menu by double shift right-clicking it. There you will find a new element that looks like a command block. Clicking on that will bring up a menu in chat that asks what you want to do.

    Click one of the options, optionally add the command line after the text that gets inserted into your chatline,...
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  8. Compiled for Java 8 instead of Java 11

    Version 1.4.1 was accidentally compiled for Java 11. This is now fixed, as this is now compiled for Java 8 again, as it sais in the description.
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  9. Menu Indexing Fix

    When a player opened the flag menu for an armorstand and had not the permissions for all the flags, the inventory appeared with misplaced items. This is now fixed.
  10. Permission and minor technical Changes

    Hey, with this version, there are some new permissions you might have to setup for you or you players in order to maintain usual functionality.

    Every flag
    has it's own permission now. What do I mean by saying that? For example, what flags (like visibility, invulnerability or if the armor stand is a small one) can toggle. For reference, please take a look at the permissions inside the config.yml, they have been generated there, and you can change them to your liking.