Armor Stand Editor 1.16-25

Allows players in survival to easily edit armor stand pose and attributes without commands.

  1. RypoFalem
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    sekwah41, Sikatsu1997, Cool_boy, sumdream, Amaury Carrade, nicuch, kotarobo, prettydude, Jumpy91, Niasio, Patbox, Puremin0rez, Prof-Bloodstone
    Allows players in survival to easily edit armor stand pose and attributes. I hated that there was no way to edit armor stands without using command blocks or giving players permission to use dangerous(if given to everyone) cumbersome commands. That is why I created this tool!

    • Easily edit armor stands with no commands
    • Quick to learn
    • Rotate all armorstand parts along each axis.
    • Rotate the entire armorstand after it is placed.
    • Open up the armorstand's inventory to place items where they wouldn't normally go. (Allows for dual wielding, banners on heads, pumpkins in had, etc.)
    • Crouch+Scroll to change axis on the fly without opening the menu.
    • Fine adjustment allows you to fine tune a body part's position while coarse adjustment allows you to quickly get it close to the intended position.
    • Toggle show arms, invisibility, baseplate, normal/small size, and gravity.
    • Move armor stands around to get them exactly where you want them.
    • Copy settings of one armor stand and paste them to another.
    • Survival-friendly pasting: It does not copy/paste/duplicate items unless the player is in creative mode.
    • Store the copied settings in one of 9 copy slots.
    • Name armor stands with name tags, just like with vanilla mobs.
    • Now with colored names!
    • Respects almost all protection plugins including Worldguard, Towny, GriefPrevention and Residence.

    How to use
    1. Hold the editing tool in your main hand(flint by default)
    2. Left/right click away from an armor stand to open menu
    3. Select the labeled menu options
    4. Left/Right Click the armor stand with the tool in hand to apply those options.

    • Shift+scroll wheel up/down changes axis quickly
    • Remember that when rotating body parts left click rotates one direction and right clicking the armor stand rotates it the opposite way.
    • Coarse adjustment rotates body parts quickly, while fine adjustment allows you fine-tune the position once it is close.
    • When you copy armor stand settings, the tool automatically switches to paste mode
    • Other ArmorStands getting in the way? Press the switch-items key (default F) to target a specific armorstand.


    All commands are both not required and not recommended; using the editing tool is much easier than typing these commands. However, if you wish to use these commands for other plugins (eg your own chest menu GUI) you can do so.

    /ase mode <mode> Sets the mode of the editing tool.

    /ase axis <axis> Sets the axis used when rotating armorstand body parts

    /ase adj <adjustment> Set the editing tool to rotate in large increments or small increments.

    /ase slot <slot> Sets the edit tool's copy slot which will be used to either copy or paste armorstand attributes.

    asedit.basic: Allow use armorstand edit functions. If set to false it will override all other functions.
    asedit.invisible: Toggle armorstand visible/invisible.
    asedit.rename: Rename armorstand with nametag (use & for color code)

    coarse: The number of rotations (and clicks) it takes to rotate a body part in a full circle using coarse adjustment. Default: 12
    fine: The number of rotations to come full circle using fine adjustment. Default: 120
    tool: Name of the edit tool's item Material. Default: FLINT
    lang: The name of the language file to use. The file should be in plugins/ArmorStandEditor/lang/. Default: en_US.yml
    sendMessagesToActionBar: If true, send most plugin messages to the action bar instead of chat. Default: true


    No longer accepting feature requests
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Recent Reviews

  1. Serjaummm
    Version: 1.16-25
    Great plugin. I would love to see some other functions like only the owner of the armor stand and server staff can edit the armor stands to avoid griefing and add a command in the gui to make the armor stand always look at the nearest player to make it look more alive.
  2. QuestalNetwork
    Version: 1.16-25
    Its a great plugin but recently every default player could edit armorstands. Normally only players with a rank could do it. Is there a fix for it? The default player dont have the permission btw
  3. Mintaka3
    Version: 1.16-25
    A good plugin that solves the problem it sets out to fix.

    But, as others have stated, the way it ALWAYS takes control of flint (or whatever other inventory item you have configured) is too aggressive and confuses other players who are not aware that the plugin is installed and are not trying to edit armor stands.

    A simple "/ase on" and "/ase off" to activate this plugin and take over flint on a per-player basis when its functionality is actually needed would make this plugin perfect.
  4. Oathkeeper
    Version: 1.16-25
    An all-in-one solution to statue and decoration on a server! I use this a lot in the dungeons I build for the players, leaving 'bodies' and other crazy things. Also useful in spawn for our staff-statues.
  5. Twister_one
    Version: 1.16-25
    Thank you for this new update. it's great. Would it be possible to put back permissions as they were before (for gravity, invisibility, copy etc.) ?
  6. Ccmucks
    Version: 1.16-25
    The version works fine. Thanks for updating it to 1.16 ! we do really appreciate it
  7. Necrostorm
    Version: 1.16-25
    I really like this plugin, but the armor stands get broken by arrows. Even in protected areas.
  8. Michielcx
    Version: 1.16-25
    Awesome plugin and developer, he helped me extremely fast! I recommend this plugin to anyone with a creative or survival server!
  9. Kyles120
    Version: 1.16-24
    It is good, but in newer versions I am unable to give certain abilities to specific ranks using permissions. There is only the option that a player can have all the abilities, or none.
  10. RoboTitanII
    Version: 1.16-24
    Excellent plugin. I've been waiting for an update. I have used this plugins through-out multiple versions on my server. Great work!