Armor Stand Tools 3.4.0

A full suite of armor stand manipulation tools

  1. St3venAU
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    NOTE: The latest version of Armor Stand Tools is compatible with Spigot/CraftBukkit 1.13 and 1.14 ONLY.
    If you are running Spigot/CraftBukkit 1.8 through 1.12, use Armor Stand Tools v2.4.3.

    Examples of Armor Stands created with these tools.

    A view of the GUI


    I wanted to create an armor stand for each kit in my mini-game, and I quickly became frustrated with trying to use commands and numeric values to position the legs, arms, body and head of each armor stand, so I created this plugin which allows you to do all of this with ease. Among other features you can create any pose you wish just by holding right click on the tools and moving your cursor up and down on the armor stand. The plugin can also generate a summon command that will re-create the armor stand at any time.​


    • This version of Armor Stand Tools is compatible with Spigot/CraftBukkit 1.13 and 1.14 ONLY. If you are running Spigot/CraftBukkit 1.8 through 1.12 then use Armor Stand Tools v2.4.3.


    • Summon armor stands.
    • Name armor stands.
    • Toggle: Gravity, Visibility, Arms, Base, Size, Invulnerability, Equipment Lock.
    • Manipulate the x/y/z rotations of the Head, Body, Arms and Legs. The value depends on how high up the armor stand's body you click with the tool (i.e. click near the feet is one extreme, near the top of the head is the other extreme).
    • Full control over armor stand's inventory (armor & items in hands).
    • Pick up and move armor stands.
    • Armor stand cloning tool.
    • Save tool: Automatically generate a command block with the command to summon that armor stand in its current state.
    • Player head tool: Give an armor stand the head of a specific player.
    • WorldGuard region support.
    • Customizable language config file.
    • Assign commands to armor stands that are run when a player right clicks that armor stand (see below).

    Assigning Commands
    • Use /ascmd to assign a command to an armor stand (see usage and permissions below)
    • When using /ascmd assign player <command>, the command will be run by the player
    • When using /ascmd assign console <command>, the command will be run by the console (see Warning below!)
    • When a player with the astools.ascmd.execute permission right clicks on an armor stand, it's command is run.
    • If a player is crouching when they right click the armor stand, the command will not be run.
    • Warning: Make sure you are careful when assigning console commands. Any player with the astools.ascmd.execute permission will be able to execute the command.
    • Note: Commands may include a %player% placeholder, which will get replaced by the executing player's name at time of execution.
    • The default cooldown for armor stand command can be specified in config.yml, otherwise individual cooldowns can be specified using the command /ascmd cooldown <ticks>

    • /astools : Give yourself all of the armor stand tools (Note: Clears your inventory)
    • /astools reload : Reload the config file
    • /ast : Alias for /astools
    • /ascmd assign console <command> : Assign a console command to the nearest armor stand (within 4 blocks)
    • /ascmd assign player <command> : Assign a player command to the nearest armor stand
    • /ascmd remove : Remove the command assigned to the nearest armor stand
    • /ascmd view : View the command assigned to the nearest armor stand
    • /ascmd cooldown <ticks> : Set the cooldown for the command on nearest armor stand (Setting this overrides the default cooldown from config.yml)
    • /ascmd cooldown remove: Remove the cooldown for the command on nearest armor stand (Default cooldown set in config.yml will be used)

    • astools.command : Permission for the /astools command
    • astools.reload : Permission to reload the plugin with /astools reload
    • astools.use : Permission for using any of the tools (except for the ones listed below that have their own separate permissions)
    • astools.clone: Permission to use the clone tool
    • astools.summon: Permission to use the summon tool (Summons an armor stand without requiring the materials)
    • astools.head: Permission to use the player head tool (Ability to specify a player head for an armor stand)
    • astools.cmdblock: Permission to use the save tool (Create a command block)
    • astools.ascmd.assign.console: Permission to assign a console command to an armor stand
    • astools.ascmd.assign.player: Permission to assign a player command to an armor stand
    • astools.ascmd.remove: Permission to remove a command from an armor stand
    • astools.ascmd.view: Permission to view the command assigned to an armor stand
    • astools.ascmd.execute: Permission to execute a command assigned to an armor stand by (on right click)


    • config.yml - The main config allows you to set the default starting settings for newly summoned armor stands. This is useful if you plan on creating a lot of armor stands with similar equipment.
    • language.yml - Contains all of the strings of text that the player will see. Edit this file if you wish to change the text or translate it into a different language.


    To install a translation, replace language.yml with one of these language.yml files:​
    Source Code

    Armor Stand Tools is free and open source. You can view, download or contribute to the source code here:
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  1. ScuroK
    Version: 3.4.0
    awesome plugin! works like a charm! using it on paper 1-14-4
    thanks alot to the dev
  2. Domers
    Version: 3.4.0
    Funciona excelente, lo instalé en mi server spigot 1.14.4 y no tiene problema, fácil de configurar. Felicidades, y gracias.
  3. misterforeal
    Version: 3.4.0
    I love the plugin, but i have been waiting for awhile to get it working on 1.14.4, please update it soon... thanks!
  4. Appa117
    Version: 3.4.0
    Excellent plugin to bring some life into your built structures.

    The GUI works excellent and i have never encountered any issue with this plugin.

    Keep it up!

  5. Ligua
    Version: 3.4.0
    Really good, an easy way to decorate a server lobby, It's better than the akternative web based tool that doesnt really show what it will look like in game
  6. Andoz_Cz
    Version: 3.4.0
    Amazing plugin! I have one suggestion to add option to set armorstand glowing (1.14.4), thanks!
  7. pierrejuve12
    Version: 3.4.0
    Good plugin that work without being complicated. If I had a suggestion it would be to add an integration to the LWC plugin to prevent the modification of the armor stand if it is locked
  8. Arasple
    Version: 3.4.0
    An amazing resource, much easier to edit an armor stand now in a GUI.
    I have one suggestion, could you please support armor stand copy between worlds?
    1. St3venAU
      Author's Response
      This is already possible, you just need to change an option in config.yml:
      allowMovingStandsBetweenWorlds: true
  9. DarkMatter2018
    Version: 3.3.1
    I LOVE this plugin, it makes decorating houses, mines, buildings and everything else so much better!!! I was wondering though if you're ever going to update to 1.14.x because it would be super useful to me if you possible could :P
    1. St3venAU
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the kind review. I have just released an update for 1.14
  10. zachrocks22
    Version: 3.2.0
    A great resource. Works well with PlotSquared & WorldGuard (which is always a plus).