Armor Stand Tools 3.2.0

A full suite of armor stand manipulation tools

  1. v3.2.0

    If you downloaded AST v3.1.0 or v3.1.1 (uploaded in the last day) then delete it immediately. I did not upload these versions. Somehow someone got into my spigot account and uploaded these. I have now secured my account with 2 factor authentication and this version (v3.2.0) is safe.

    - Added support for CB/Spigot 1.13.2
    - Added new config.yml option requireCreativeForSaveAsCmdBlock. When set to true will not allow players in survival mode to use the save as...
  2. v3.0.2

    • Workaround for a bug in current spigot builds that caused the client to crash when attempting to rename armor stands.
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  3. v3.0.1

    Fixed compatibility issue with worldguard 7 development builds.
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  4. v3.0.0

    • Updated for Spigot/CraftBukkit 1.13. NOTE: Due to the extensive API changes in 1.13, this version of Armor Stand Tools is compatible with Spigot/CraftBukkit 1.13 ONLY. If you are running Spigot/CraftBukkit 1.8 through 1.12 then you can continue to use Armor Stand Tools v2.4.3.
    • Added the option of using a %player% placeholder when assigning commands to armor stands. %player% gets replaced with the executing player's name at time of execution.
    • Changed default armor stand...
  5. v2.4.3

    v2.4.3 Changes - Item duplication exploit fixes
    • While an armor stand's GUI is in use, other players can no longer interact with the armor stand.
    • An armor stand is now invulnerable while its GUI is in use.
  6. v2.4.2

    v2.4.2 Changes
    • Fixed a bug that allowed players to remove off-hand items from armor stands using a shield even when equipment lock was enabled.
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  7. v2.4.1

    v2.4.1 Changes
    • Fixed a bug that caused console error when cloning an armor stand in 1.8.x
    If you are running 1.9+ this update is not critical.
  8. v2.4.0

    v2.4.0 Changes
    • Fixed bug that allowed players to place an armor stand in unauthorized locations by switching worlds.
    • Added the ability to assign commands to armor stands that are run when a player right clicks that armor stand (Beta feature - see below).

    Assigning Commands (Beta Feature)
    • This feature is in beta. Please use with caution.
    • This feature is available for Craftbukkit/Spigot 1.9.x and later only.
    • Use the /ascmd command to assign a...
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  9. v2.3.0

    • Updated for 1.12
    • Rewrote the way the plugin handles backwards compatibility in order to support all Spigot/CB versions from 1.8 onward (previously there was a separate 1.8.x version of the plugin).
    • New permission: astools.summon (Permission to summon an armor stand)
    • New permission: astools.head (Permission to add a specfied player head to an armor stand)
  10. v2.2.1

    • Fixed a bug that allowed players to use some of the armor stand tool items in crafting recipes.
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