Armored Elytra 2.4.15

You will never have to choose between the protection of chest armor and the epicness of an elytra!

  1. pim16aap2
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    • 1.19
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    Languages Supported:
    English, Spanish, German, Polish, Russian
    If you have a problem with this plugin, please contact me either via PM, Discord, or the discussion section before / instead of leaving a review first! Not (only) because I don't like bad reviews for things I can and will fix/add quickly, but primarily because it is simply much easier to communicate via any one of those ways than via the review section!

    Note that this plugin does NOT WORK if you have GeyserMC installed. The bedrock client simply doesn't understand it.

    This is a very simple plugin that allows you to combine an elytra with a chest plate in an anvil.


    The result will be an armored elytra.
    Armored elytras offer the same amount of protection as a diamond chest plate and they can have the same enchantments as well. This means that you can add protection, fire protection etc to the armored elytra as well.

    By default, you can only see the elytra when a player wears an armored elytra. However, you will be able to see both the armor and the elytra at the same time if you install THIS Fabric mod on the client!

    List of features:
    • Combine an elytra with any type of chest plate armor to create an armored elytra! It will have the same amount of armor as the type of armor it was combined with!
    • Supports enchantments.
    • Configurable list of allowed enchantments (and curses).
    • Configurable repair cost.
    • Permissions for giving / wearing / crafting different tiers of armored elytras.
    • Add enchantments using enchanted books.
    • Receive notification when the plugin is out-of-date.
    • Permissions support.
    • Configurable messages, elytra names and elytra lores.
    • Uninstaller for when you no longer want to use this plugin.

    I am always looking to improve upon this plugin, so if you have any tips, ideas or requests, let me know! I'll be happy to help!

    NOTE: Armored elytras will remain in the world even after uninstalling this plugin, please use the uninstall feature if you want to uninstall this plugin.
    NOTE2: By default, this plugin checks if there are any updates available. If the version you are using is found to be outdated, you will receive a message in the console (and upon logging in if you have the armoredelytra.admin permission node). The update checking can be disabled in the config file.

    If you encounter a bug or a problem, please contact me first before leaving a review, then I'll try my hardest to fix it as soon as possible.

    If you like this plugin, please don't forget to let me know in the review section, it really does help me keep motivated to provide support for this plugin!

    ToDo List:
    • Add a way to uncraft ArmoredElytras.
    • Any suggestions?

    Known Issues:
    • When putting an item in the second anvil slot first and then in the first slot, the name of the result will appear incorrectly. The name is fixed when taking the result out of the anvil slot.


    Allows you to wear armored elytras of a specific tier.


    Allows you to craft armored elytras of a specific tier.

    /ArmoredElytra [receiver] <tier>
    Allows you to give armored elytras of a specific tier. Will be given to the player that issued the command if no target is specified.

    With this node you will receive a notification if the plugin is out of date upon joining the server.

    Available armor tiers: leather, gold, chain, iron, diamond.


    Got your own translation? Let me know!
    Note that translations created for older versions may still work. If there are any missing translations you'll be notified in the log.

    Uninstalling this plugin:
    If you decide you no longer want to use this plugin, simply removing the ArmoredElytra.jar from your plugins directory will not get rid of any Armored Elytras on your server. Instead, you should enable the uninstall feature of this plugin in the config.
    The way this feature works is by checking player inventories upon login and chest inventories when they are accessed and removing any Armored Elytras it can find. This means that you will need to keep this plugin installed to keep it uninstalled... Though it won't affect server performance much, if at all, as pretty much the entire plugin is disabled while in uninstall mode.

    Don't forget to check out my BigDoors plugin:


    Remember: NO SUPPORT IN THE REVIEWS SECTION! For support, please contact me somewhere else! For the fastest support, join our discord!

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Recent Reviews

  1. JiaFei010
    Version: 2.4.15
    at the beginning, we see it's really a niubility plugin, but as time gone by, lots of players need change its name poetry, but it couldn't do as well. All in all, it is really a pretty plugin~!
  2. EchocallingEarth
    Version: 2.4.14
    An excellent plugin well-liked and accepted by all of our players. In truth, it's one of those plugins that makes you ask yourself why didn't Mojang do this to start with. And then you realize well Mojang doesn't truly understand the needs of the players. But pim16aap2 does.

    - Well this is pretty obvious you can now properly enchant and use elytra for protection as well as flying about

    - Realistically there are non.

    Now I will add a small note:
    If you use custom, enchants you will need to add those to the list of enchantments allowed to be used. Which may be easy depending on the plugin being used.
    BUT do not think that it is the dev's fault. It isn't, no more like the fact there are so many custom enchanting plugins out there. That it means so many possibilities which can not all be easily covered. Which makes sense if you ask me, you want extras, well you will have to do some work.

    Five Stars well earned
  3. MeitneriumFur
    Version: 2.4.14
    A very good and optimized plugin! .
  4. __Vekster007__
    Version: 2.4.14
    Cool plugin! Suitable for servers that don't want to crush players with a donation.
  5. slappy0exe
    Version: 2.4.14
  6. LucidAPs
    Version: 2.4.14
    A really great plugin that provides a feature that should have been included in the main game.
  7. Condilusion
    Version: 2.4.14
    This is an amazing plugin, It's always a pain to swap my elytra with my chestplate, and this plugin completely fixes my problem! It would be cool if you made it where it was more expensive to merge them, as it's currently very overpowered. Thanks!
  8. TechLife
    Version: 2.4.14
    I have no idea why this isn't already in the game - it's amazing! The plugin also works with netherite, if you're curious.
  9. TheDoominator
    Version: 2.4.14
    awesome plugin, very useful. i have one suggestion, maybe make it possible to separate the armour and elytra, one of my players would like to separate them again
  10. Oathkeeper
    Version: 2.4.14
    I use this plugin as a reward for dedicated players and donors to our server. It's a useful plugin!