ArmorEffects 1.0.1

Get potion effects from your armour .

  1. DanyBv
    This plugin is made for 1.8 . I didn't test it on older versions .


    With this plugin, if a player is wearing an armor with an effect name in its lore, it will give him that lore .

    Lore formatting:

    [You can add here color codes if you want] (Effect Name) (Level with Roman Numerals)
    e.g.: &bSpeed II

    Video: Coming soon


    If your server is using my plugin please send me a PM and I'll add it here

    Avalaible Effects:

    - Absorption
    - Blindness
    - Confusion
    - Damage Resistance
    - Fast Digging
    - Fire Resistance
    - Harm
    - Heal
    - Hunger
    - Increase Damage
    - Invisibility
    - Jump
    - Night Vision
    - Poison
    - Regeneration
    - Saturation
    - Slow
    - Slow Digging
    - Speed
    - Water Breathing
    - Weakness
    - Wither

    Permissions: No permissions yet
    Commands: No commands yet

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Recent Updates

  1. Fixed levels
  2. Java compatibility

Recent Reviews

  1. TheGamer7500
    Version: 1.0.1
    Really Nice Plugin, but could you add multiply effect support? I guess it would be better if you make the Potion effect one or two seconds longer.
  2. zsauer
    Version: 1.0.1
    Great plugin, using this with a mix on mythicmobs custom item making is great! If anyone has mythic mobs and needs some items made that have custom damage speed or resistance or any of the above effects just ask and I can make it for you! 10/10 plugin good lag reducing plugin that replaces my buggy laggy custom enchant plugin haha
  3. RandomHashTags
    Version: 1.0.1
    Great plugin! Works with 1.8.8 Spigot.
    I have 2 Suggests:
    Could you add something to customize the lore name, and add support for more than 1 potion effect?
  4. LinOGIsOG
    Version: 1.0.1
    Just 1 thing make so u can change what the lore shuld be as i might want to change increased damage to like strength or Powa or something ;)
    I will use it on my cs go factions server heres he ip ao u can add it!
    I will make the items gettable in the next few days just need to config it with my crates ect great plugin!
    1. DanyBv
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review and for the suggestions !
      I might add this in the next update.
  5. 123hellobgbg
    Version: 1.0
    It's not working on 1.7.10 cauldron :/
    1. DanyBv
      Author's Response
      It's made for 1.8 . I didn't test it on older versions . I will add this in description .