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  1. Return To Gui Button + Gui Information Item

    I got a request on discord to add a return button, this has been added and appears in all of the individual armor set Guis. I also added an information item that can appear in the Main Gui, this is basically just a customizable item that will sit in the Gui.

    Add these lines to your current files
    Return Button:
    Code (Text):

    # This button will be added to each armor gui, set the slot in the individual set sections.
    # If you don't want to button to be in the gui set the slot as the same as an armor piece.
      name: "&c&lBack"
      item: barrier
      glowing: false
        - "&7 "
        - "&7&oReturn to the main Gui"
        - "&7 "
    Add this to each armor-set
    Code (Text):

    return-button-slot: <slot number>
    Information Item:
    Code (Text):

    # This is just an item that you can add to the main gui to provide information about the armor sets
    # Set in-gui to false for it to not be rendered.
      name: "&e&lArmor Set Info"
      in-gui: true
      item: book_and_quill
      glowing: true
      slot: 8
        - "&7 "
        - "&7&oThese armor sets are ancient relics,"
        - "&7&ointially discovered in the mines of PMC,"
        - "&7&ono one could've known what they are capable of."
        - "&7 "
        - "&e&oAbuse and harness their abilites..."
        - "&7 "
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