ArmorLite (Cosmic Armor) || Yijiki, Phantom + More Custom Sets

Create your own, custom armor sets like CosmicPVP!

  1. Return To Gui Button + Gui Information Item

    I got a request on discord to add a return button, this has been added and appears in all of the individual armor set Guis. I also added an information item that can appear in the Main Gui, this is basically just a customizable item that will sit in the Gui.

    Add these lines to your current files
    Return Button:
    Code (Text):

    # This button will be added to each armor gui, set the slot in the individual set sections.
    # If you don't want to button to be in the gui set the slot...
  2. New Passive & Damage Modifiers + Permission Based Wear

    There is no longer the: additional-damage, and reduced-damage options in the armor.yml for each set. This has been replaced by a list of modifiers that can be added to each set, example:
    Code (Text):

      # See the spigot page for all modifiers & syntax
        - +dmg:1.25
        - health:16
    There is now an option in the config.yml called: permission-based-wear. If this is set to true then the player will need to have the permission node:...
  3. Special Attacks (Yijiki expansion update)

    Special Attacks:
    - There are currently 2 different special attacks, these can be added to the same armor sets as the attacks stack.

    Lightning Attack:
    - This will strike nearby enemies with lightning, the lightning strike will not damage the player wearing the armor
    - syntax in armor.yml: <attackType>:<if the radius is random>:<radius>:<proc chance>
    - example:
    Code (Text):
    Potion Attack:
    - this will give nearby enemies the desired potion effect, you can make this...
  4. Yijiki Effect!

    I added the option to add a lightning bonus attack to the armor set:
    Code (Text):

    # currently there is on the lightning bonus attack, syntax is: <attackType>:<if the radius is random>:<radius>
      - lightning:true:5
    please add this to each of your armor sets in the armor.yml
  5. Gui update

    - Added extensive gui methods
    - There is a main gui which will contain icons for each of the armor sets, when the player clicks on one of these they will be taken to the next gui page containing the armor for that set
    - Everything about the gui can be customized (name, items, item lore, size etc.), the gui also supports up to 54 armor sets.
    - I created new config files, there are no changes to the existing files.

    - Changed some methods for code...
  6. Fixed Potion Effects + Added /ca list Command

    - I added some checks for potion effects to stop the problem where they wouldn't override lower level effects
    - I added a check that runs every second (by default), so that if a player had a higher level effect active, the armor set effect will be reapplied to the player

    - For the check you will need to add this line to your config.yml:
    potion-check-delay: 20
    thats the delay (in ticks) to do the server check.

    - Added the /ca list command,...
  7. Added potion effects to the armor sets

    - add this line to each of the armor set configurations:
    - <effect name>:<level>
    - or just regenerate the armor.yml
  8. Any type or armor can be custom rather than just diamond

    command syntax, you now must specify the item. Example: /ca give nbdsteve leather_helmet

    All configs are the same, just the command that is different
  9. Carmor v1.1 || Full recode of nbdArmor

    Full recode of the nbdArmor plugin, please regenerate all configs and switch to this version. There are a lot of new features, supporting up to 54 custom armor sets. Equip messages and full customization.