ArmorPlusPlus 0.0.7

This plugin provides custom armors

  1. bramar
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    This plugin is inspired by the famous BlockArmor mod. I will try my best to recreate that mod in a plugin (if possible) and i will only recreate armor that have special ability. All armor++'s armor has glowing effect (Its actually protection 0. so it looks cool)

    /armorplusplus: Opens a GUI that contains all block that provides armor. (If you click it, it will give you the armor)

    armorplusplus.cheat: Do /armorplusplus

    The crafting shape is the same as normal armor but it uses their block.
    Example: Dirt armor created by dirt

    (All 4 pieces have to be worn for abilities to work)
    Armor list:
    Dirt armor - Special features: Regrowth (Repair itself 1 durability per 2.5 seconds)
    Crafting armor - Special features: Crafter (Opens a crafting table when sneaking)
    Glass armor - Special features: Invisibility (Provides invisibility)
    Furnace armor - Special features: AutoSmelt (Smelts nearby dropped items that is unsmelted)
    TNT armor - Special features: Explosive (Explodes when sneaking. 1 second cooldown)
    Note armor - Special features: Musical (Every step you take becomes a musical melody)
    Melon and Pumpkin armor - Special features: Feeder (Automatically feeds the wearer)
    Sponge armor - Special features: Absorbent (Absorbs nearby liquids when sneaking with a 6 second cooldown)
    Dispenser armor - Special features: Arrow Defence (Fires arrow outwards when sneaking with a 7 second cooldown)
    Prismarine armor - Special features: Diving suit (Provides Depth Strider, Respiration, and Night Vision in water)
    Ender armor - Special features: Ender Hoarder (Provides access to your ender chest when sneaking)
    Lapis armor - Special features: Experience Giving (Gives experience over time)
    Cactus armor - Special features: Prickly (Pricks colliding enemies and provides Thorns I)
    Leaves armor - Special features: Lightweight (Fall slowly like a leaf in the wind)
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Recent Updates

  1. Leaves armor and Repairable armor!
  2. Better notes for Note armor!
  3. Cactus

Recent Reviews

  1. Turboline
    Version: 0.0.3
    Now works perfectly. The armors are also balanced. Good plugin. Keep it up. -------------------
    1. bramar
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review and letting me know there is a bug.
  2. Greenphx9
    Version: -0.4-SNAPSHOT
    Works perfectly! I love how dirt armor is easy to make with a good power yet is balanced! In my opinion, every power is balanced!
    1. bramar
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! I am glad you liked the plugin.