ArmorStandSaver | [1.8-1.14] 0.0.6

This Plugin allows you to save your created armorstands & allows you to load them anywhere

  1. Phloxz
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14

    What is ArmorStand Saver?

    You ever wanted to create armorstands and failed
    so that they are on the wrong position
    or your server crashed and the armorstands were removed or
    you only just wanted to move and create multiple copies of your armorstands
    or for any other usage you could use this plugin.

    ArmorStandSaver can Save & Load your created ArmorStand(s)!

    Commands & Permissions


    > /ArmorStandSaver or /asv
    > Permission: armorstandsaver.*

    You have to mark 2 positions (pos1,pos2) which creates a region
    now between these two positions all armorstands will be listed and saved
    into a file by using the save command
    the name will be the name for your region creation.
    Load ArmorStand(s) is as easy as saving them.
    What you have to do is just execute the load command and give your file name (name from saving the armorstand(s)) for the name argument.
    The ArmorStand(s) will be loaded then as fast as possible.

    The list command is to show you all name(s) that are available for the load command

    Video Review

    How to Install External Files

    Put your file into the "plugins/ArmorStandSaver/" folder
    and reload your server then use the load command with the file name as argument.

    Community Creations

    You made cool creations with this plugin?
    Upload your file to any upload service and send them to me in a conversation. Then i'm going to add them here below. This will help everyone who starts of creating armorstands
    and need some cool "copy & paste" creations :)

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Recent Reviews

  1. xNekio
    Version: 0.0.4
    Thanks, this plugin is too useful if you want to use armorstands, etc :) Keep up this amazing work
  2. SadNative
    Version: 0.0.2
    Mega nice gefällt mir:D mach weiter so:P freue mich schon auf Zukünftige Projekte/Plugins! Its awesome:D