ArmorStandTweak [Abandoned] 1.0b

Customize your ArmorStand

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    ArmorStandTweaks v1.0

    Customize your ArmorStands, with name, size, base plates, arms and endless possible rotations.
    They are all existing vanilla features, though they are hard to be achieved on servers, because they literally need op give or command blocks for that.


    What does ArmorStandTweaks do?

    Since texts are boring so have fun with the pictures :)


    Before we do anything we need to select an ArmorStand. Sneak + Right Click an ArmorStand to select.
    /as info - display information
    /as small - toggle ArmorStand size
    /as base - toggle ArmorStand base plate
    /as name [name] - set name of an ArmorStand, leave blank to remove, color code '&' is supported
    /as invisible - toggle ArmorStand visibility
    /as setangle <head/body/leftarm/rightarm/leftleg/rightleg> <x> <y> <z> set rotation to the parts. I have no idea how this work, but maybe checking wiki will make things easier.

    Basic permission for selecting ArmorStands (must add): armorstandtweak.use
    /as info -
    /as small - armorstandtweak.small
    /as base - armorstandtweak.base
    /as name [name] -
    /as invisible - armorstandtweak.invisible
    /as setangle - armorstandtweak.setangle

    Final Remarks:
    I am not really creative... If you have any ideas, feel free to leave a comment in the discussion page.
    This plugin will be absolutely not working for version 1.7 or before and I will not say why.
    My English is bad... Please don't laugh at me.

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