ArmourUnbreakingFix 1.0.0

Makes armour share the same unbreaking mechanic as tools.

  1. Wicko
    Note: This plugin is built using the SpigotAPI.

    In vanilla Minecraft, while armour and tools share the unbreaking enchantment, they do not share the same degrade calculation.

    Tools use: Degrade Chance (%) = 100/(level + 1)
    Armour uses: Degrade Chance (%) = 60 + 40/(level + 1)

    This means, for example, a diamond sword with unbreaking 5 lasts 6 times as long on average, whereas a diamond helmet with unbreaking 5 only lasts 1.5 times as long.

    This plugin modifies the armour's calculation so that it acts the same as the tools. So, in the above example, the diamond helmet will now last 6 times as long, instead of 1.5.

    This plugin supports any unbreaking enchantment level above 0.


    Simply download the plugin and drop it in your plugins folder, it will auto-generate a configuration file, where you can change the items affected by this mechanic.


    Code (YAML):
    # These items are affected by the plugin
    # NOTE: This plugin is only designed for armour items.
    - "IRON_BOOTS"
    - "GOLD_BOOTS"

    If you have any issues, or have ideas, please let me know either in the discussion section, or by messaging me.​

Recent Reviews

  1. SnakeDaoust1232
    Version: 1.0.0
    Works on 1.7 but doesn't work on 1.8. If you could please update it, i would really appreciate it man.
    1. Wicko
      Author's Response
      I've tested it on both 1.8 and 1.9 versions of Spigot and I am unable to replicate the issue, can you PM me any errors that appear?


      EDIT: Seems there was no issue, thanks for the review. :)