ArmureColor 1.0 BETA

Gadget Hub

  1. mopmop
    This plugin is meant for hub servers. And can be used as a special donor perk!

    What this plugin does is very simple. You spawn with blaze powder in your inventory, and if you have the permission "disco.use" you can toggle your disco armour. The main feature of this plugin is when you click the blaze powder you will automatically be equipped with leather armour that changes colors rapidly! Also, when you click it again, the leather armour will un- equip, and disappear from your inventory.

    • Cannot drop Items!
    • Toggles with blaze powder.
    • Automatically join with the blaze powder!
    • If you would like to use this on a non Hub Server - You can give it to players with this command: /give <yourname> Blaze_Powder 1 name:&a&lAmureColor
    Permissions: ArmureColor.use
    • /ArmureColor
    • Info plugin create