Have you ever wanted to enchant your arrows for exp or use op arrows as a reward see here

  1. azamp19
    Contributors: || SpyroBuilds || Pr0totype2
    Have you ever wanted to make your arrows go boom or make them take you with them well now you can With AE(ARROW ENCHANTS). With AE we make it easy to enchant arrows by just typing /AE (Enchantment name) but you better be holding arrows or nothing will happen. When You do an enchantment it takes a certain amount of exp from you but don't worry it knows when you don't have enough. We will soon be adding in perms for it to be a v.i.p plugin It is currently in beta so please don't give a poor rating please message me the problem and I will get on it right a way.
    /AE (Enchantment)
    Subcommands Also known as Enchantments:
    Knockback || price: 5 exp
    Tactical_bomb || price: 7 exp|| SPelling will be fixed in next update.
    Death_touch ||Price: 12 exp
    Grapple_arrow || Price: 15 exp
    -Sends message if you don't have enough exp.
    -sends message if you enchant an item.
    -Should change name to Enchantment selected .
    -Does not require plugins.
    add permissions exp cost will be configurable.
    add more enchantments.
    Add shiny enchantment stuff to arrows.
    Please rate this plugin.
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  1. added permissions
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Recent Reviews

  1. ThePurpleHoser
    Version: 1.0 beta
    as previous reviewer said... no enchantments what so ever... I would not say i was scammed but since he's requesting good review and free access to plugin for future premium update, I think this submission should be categorised as scam...
    1. azamp19
      Author's Response
      Ok thank you for the review It was meant to be not scam but just a reward
      I will change it and please tell me your problem I am adding in many things and as it says beta. So please tell me your problem and I will fix right away.
  2. johnc291992
    Version: 1.0 beta
    false advertising, this plugin does not do what it promised to do! and advertising for future premium update to get good review??? this sort of thing should not be allowed!
    1. azamp19
      Author's Response
      Ok please specify went wrong because I wish for you to not be scammed
      so thank you for your review please message me your problem and I will work on it right away.
  3. FloThePony
    Version: 1.0 beta
    Awesome plugin! Arrow enchantments shoul definitely be added. Good idea. Good plugin. I found no bugs
    1. azamp19
      Author's Response
      Thank you I hope you enjoy the plugin in future updates.