ArtifactDownloader 1.2

Download Jenkins artifacts automatically and keep them updated

  1. Digot
    ArtifactDownloader is a plugin for Bukkit (using Spigot 1.8), that downloads the newest stable version of any given Jenkins artifact. This way, you can keep your plugins up to date easily. The intervall how often the plugin should check for updates (in seconds) is configured in the config.yml. You can also set it via the edit command.

    How to use it
    Simply download the latest sucessfull build (ArtifactDownloader-..*-jar-with-dependencies.jar) from and put it in your plugins folder. Then launch your server and configure the plugin through the commands.

    Issues and Bugs
    Please post them on GitHub.

    • /ad add NAME - Adds a new job (This has to be exactly the name of the job on jenkins. You need to set it up - see below)
    • /ad edit NAME FIELD VALUE - Edits a job through the given field name and sets its value
    • /ad list - Lists all jobs and shows if it's invalid
    A job is valid if all fields (username and password are optional) are set. The connection will not be checked!

    • interval - Sets the interval in seconds, how often ArtifactDownloader should check for updates (in seconds). NOTE that this value valid for every job
    • jenkinsServer - Url to your Jenkins server (e.g
    • username - Username for the Jenkins server (required by some Jenkins servers)
    • password - Password for the Jenkins server (required by some Jenkins servers)
    • artifactPrefix - That is usually the artifactname. If your files are like this: MyPlugin-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar then your artifactPrefix is 'MyPlugin'. This is used to clean up old versions of an artifact