Artificial Punishment 1.1.0

Punish players artificially!

  1. imaboy321
    Artificial Punishment

    You can spank, punch, slap, and fart on players to get them back into line!

    Commands and Permissions
    /artpun - List the commands for the Artificial Punishment - none
    /artpun reload - Reload the config of Artificial Punishment - punish.reload
    /slap [player] [ItemName [damageValue]] - Slap a desired player. Deals 2 hearts of damage. Use an "_" when using item name spaces! - punish.slap, punish.slap.item
    /punch [player] - Punch a desired player. Deals 3 hearts of damage - punish.punch
    /spank [player] - Spank a desired player. Deals 4 hearts of damage - punish.spank
    /fart [player] - Fart on a desired player. Attacks the desired player with nausea - punish.fart

    Nothing :)


    NOTE: This plugin was brought over to spigot from bukkit. All downloads are no longer available on the bukkit plugin page and will be uploaded here.