AShops 2.2

A new shops plugin based on a chest inventory!

  1. Austin
    [​IMG] Version 2.0 is now available!
    AShops allows players to sell and buy items with a chest. Unlike many other shop plugins, it doesn't use signs to represent a shop offer. Instead, it uses chest inventories and item descriptions and thereby makes possible to sell or buy (or both) items of different types using only a single chest. It means less chests and time spent on creating shops. Using description as an offer details source makes shopping also more friendly than reading a raw text from a sign, and by representing an offer as a real item, not only it is easier to find what you need, but it also allows you to sell/buy the exact item you have in your inventory, with all data it contains.

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    This plugin uses to collect anonymous data about how it's used. If you wish, you can turn this off in a config file.

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